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Cheesecake and ham tart

Cheesecake and ham tart

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Preparation tart with cheese and ham

Sift the flour into a bowl with the salt. Cut the butter into cubes and knead with your fingers until it becomes a sandy dough. Add the lightly beaten egg and water and knead to obtain an elastic, homogeneous dough. Let it cool for half an hour.

The two types of cheese (the cow's cheese I received from an aunt - very good cheese) are mixed with sour cream, seasoned with salt and pepper according to preference, add the yolks, diced ham and finally mix lightly with whipped egg whites.

The dough is spread on a sheet, the tart form is covered with walls, the top is pricked with a fork and the cheese composition is poured. Arrange the pepper slices on top. Bake at the right heat for 40 minutes.

Cheesecake and ham tart it is served both hot and cold. It's delicious!

Thanks Ruxy for the idea.

Simple and quick quiche with zucchini and cheese (recipe without a countertop

This tart with broccoli and cheese is ideal for everyone and. The top of this tart is made of vegetables, what. TV Tarts with vegetables and cheese & # 8211 Recipes & # 8211 Romanesti and. After they are cooked, take them out, leave them to cool for a few minutes and fill them with vegetables, grate the cheese on top and leave them in the oven for another 10 minutes. Baked omelette with cheese, sausages, vegetables and potatoes. Vegetarian Recipes, Dessert Recipes.

Beat the eggs, mix them with the 3 types of cheese, nutmeg and oregano, then. Pepperoni, Pizza, Breakfast, Food, Tarts. Ingredients: 500g zucchini (zuchinni) 1 large carrot 250g salted cheese 5 large eggs 130g flour 1 teaspoon powder. Vegetable and cheese tart PHOTO & # 8211 Click! Remove the tray from the oven and reduce the temperature to 170 degrees. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Spread the vegetables and bacon on the counter. Simple and quick quiche with zucchini and cheese (countertop recipe). A salty dish, only good to put on the table and enjoyed with the family.

This tart is not something super complicated to make and can be eaten cold. Today the recipe has been adapted, more and more vegetables have been added.



INGREDIENTS for 4 people

- 1 sheet of round puff pastry
- 100 g of thinly sliced ​​ham
- 150 g of elemental cheese cut into thin slices
- 1 ou

Put the puff pastry sheet in a round tray. With the fork prick the whole surface. Put a layer of ham (using all the ham) and on top another layer of cheese. As I had a smaller tray, with the edges facing out, I covered half of the tart, pricking again with a fork. Beat the egg and grease the entire surface of the tart. Put it in the oven for about 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees. It depends on the oven. see photo


How good he looks and how beautiful he looks at the parade!
I will do it next week, as soon as the preparations for this package for this weekend are over. Kiss the hardworking cook and I wish her a spring like no other.

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Recipe: Tart with ham and smoked sausages

Ingredients for the tart filling with ham and smoked sausages
& # 8211 200 gr smoked pork ham, 150 gr smoked pork sausages (I used homemade pork ham and smoked sausages), 200 gr cottage cheese, 3 eggs, spicy kechup

Preparation Tart with ham and smoked sausages
Mix the butter with a little salt, 1 egg, add flour and water as needed to make a suitable dough. The tart dough is wrapped in a cling film and left to cool for 30 minutes.

Ham tart and smoked sausages

Preparation Tart filling with ham and smoked sausages
The ham and smoked sausages are boiled for a few minutes, removed and left to soak in water. Pork ham is cut into pieces, and smoked sausages are cut into slices. Then fry one at a time in a pan. Beat the eggs with a fork and mix with the cheese on a large grater.
Season with salt and pepper.

Preparation Tart with ham and smoked sausages
Spread a sheet of dough, place it in a greased tart shape, so as to impress the edges.
Prick from place to place with a fork and grease with a little ketchup. Then place the pieces of ham and slices of fried sausages. Pour the composition of eggs and cheese on top. Ham tart and smoked sausages are spread on top with a little kechup.

Ham tart and smoked sausages

Then put the tart in the oven until browned.

Ham tart and smoked sausages

The tart with ham and smoked sausages is left to cool a bit, then it can be served.

slices of tart with ham and smoked sausages

ADVICE : The tart dough can be replaced with puff pastry.

Cheese and ham tart - Recipes

Because today is Thursday and for some it's protein day, I recommend you try this quick recipe for breakfast or for intermediate snacks during the day. In addition, if you are at PL you can combine it with any vegetables you want (green onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc.).

Attack Phase, Cruise (PP, PL), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization

- salt, pepper, herbs

Preparation. An egg is mixed with yogurt. Then add the bran, powdered milk, salt, pepper, and the resulting composition is left to rest for 10 minutes. It is then spread in a round shape on the baking paper in the tray. Put the tray in the oven (180 degrees) and leave for 7 minutes. Meanwhile, mix the cheese with the egg and prepare the sliced ​​ham. Remove the top, pour the cheese mixture with egg over and place the slices of ham on top. Bake again for about 10-12 minutes. It is consumed hot or cold according to preferences. It can also be made in a yena bowl or in a silicone tray, but not larger than 18-20 cm in diameter.

The spicy tart with cheese is delicious. First you need to prepare a tart dough: sift the flour in a bowl. Put a pinch of salt here. Add the butter and mix until you have a smooth dough. Add the yolks and water and knead again. Put the dough in cling film and leave it to cool for half an hour.

For the filling, mix the sour cream with the grated cheese and cheese, the diced ham, the yolks, the salt and the pepper. At the end, lightly incorporate the beaten egg whites.

Spread the dough into a thin sheet, place in a pan greased with oil and lined with flour, covering the edges. Prick the dough from place to place with a fork to avoid uneven growth. Pour the filling and put the tart in the oven for 35-40 minutes.

Spicy tart with cheese can be served both hot and cold.
The source of this recipe is the culinary blog Truedelighs.


Step 1

Appetizer tart

Heat the oven to 180 & degC and cover with butter and flour or non-stick spray a tart shape with a diameter of 25-28cm. Beat eggs for omelette, add oil, milk, salt and pepper. Add sifted flour together with baking powder and Parmesan cheese. Stir until we have a homogeneous composition. Pour into the pan, bake for 30-35 minutes or until the toothpick test passes and it is nicely browned. Let it cool for 10 minutes in the pan, then turn it on a grill and let it cool completely.

Ingredients for cream and decoration: For the cream, we mix cream cheese, teleam cream, mustard, mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper. Let the cream cool for at least 2 hours before use. We put the cream in the pos and fill the tart with cream, then we decorate the tart according to our taste and imagination.

Everything you need to know about the recipe:

- It is easy to prepare, it is very fluffy and versatile: you can choose any topping for your tart, from cream cheese, pate to tuna paste or zacusca.

- You can use sunflower oil in the composition or, for an extra flavor, olive oil.

- I used a tart form with a diameter of 28 cm for the given quantities.

- You can add to the dough aromatic herbs, chopped dried tomatoes, diced previously browned bacon or even a tablespoon of pesto alla Genovese, for basil lovers.

How to make tart with cottage cheese, pumpkin, ham and broccoli

Young pumpkins, wash, shave (with the peel) on a large-mesh grater and put the grater in a Teflon pan with vegetable oilheat it as much as it will drop from the liquid left by the pumpkin, about 10-12 minutes.

For flavor will add fish pumpkin and garlic cloves cut into thin slices.

After hardening, courgettes grated will be left in the pan until use.

In a large bowl, make the dough for tart: will be put sifted white flour, butter very cold from the refrigerator cut into small cubes, salt, ground pepper, Parmesan cheese ras si egg, kneading by hand, becoming a crumbly dough.

The tart dough bowl will be covered with cling film and refrigerated for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, in another separate bowl, prepare the filling from: cream cheese, eggs, parmesan, breadcrumbs, salt and ground pepper, mixing with a spatula until you get a cream cheese paste.

a tart shape lined with baking paper coat the bottom with the crushed dough (stopping a few tablespoons, (5-6 tablespoons) to sprinkle on top), will cheese cream, leveled with a spatula, on top Ham cut into cubes and at the end the hardened zucchini and broccoli that I cut into small bunches.

from chopped dough off, sprinkle over the composition.

Cake shape will be put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, for about 45 minutes, until it gets a golden crust on top.

After baking, tart it will be left to cool, to be portioned and served at a table light lunch or dinner.

On a work surface, place the flour and make a small hole in the center. Add the two egg yolks, melted butter, cheese, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Start mixing, incorporating all the ingredients.

Knead first with a spoon and then with your hands, until an elastic dough is formed. Let the dough sit in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

Cut the ham and parmesan into cubes. Put both ingredients in a bowl and mix. Divide the dough into two equal parts. From one side of the dough, spread a sheet and put it in a tray, covered with baking paper. With a fork, drill the sheet in the tray in several places.

Then add the ham and Parmesan mixture. Finish the tart by adding over the filling the strip of dough, obtained from the second part of the dough.

Bake the tart at a temperature of 180 ° C for half an hour. Before removing the tart from the mold, allow it to cool. Good appetite.