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How to Turn Canned Foods Into Amazing Dishes (Slideshow)

How to Turn Canned Foods Into Amazing Dishes (Slideshow)

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Think outside the box and use foods straight out of a can

Corn Cakes

Who knew one can of creamed corn could do all this? These cakes go great with pulled pork or, dare I suggest, canned beans for a little can on can food action. Don't feeling like topping it with anything heavy? No worries. A pat of butter or a drizzle of honey taste great, too.

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The magic doesn't stop at cakes. Creamed corn also enjoys the spotlight in many of our Best Corn Soup Recipes. How corny is that?

Chickpea Curry

Feel like having Indian food? You don't need to visit your local restaurant. Just head over to your bodega and grab a can or two of chickpeas and make the classic Punjabi dish chole (chickpea curry) that graces so many Indian menus. This dish is so quick and easy to make, you'll have time to make dinner and refine your Bollywood dancing skills. Doubt you could do all that at an Indian restaurant. To think, it all started with a can.

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Mixed vegetable casserole

Mandarin Orange Salad Recipe

If you're looking for a salad that looks colorful and is packed with flavor, than this recipe is for you! A benefit to using canned oranges is that you don't have to spend time in neatly segmenting oranges. It's already done for you!

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