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Fine Dining at 2013 College World Series

Fine Dining at 2013 College World Series

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Chef Dayanny DelaCruz serves the best Midwestern cuisine at the College World Series.


Charred and chilled salmon with black sesame vinaigrette is one of the many impressive options served at the Men's College World Series this year.

Every year, the Men’s College World Series is hosted at the TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Neb. To honor the location, chef Dayanny DelaCruz focuses on quality Midwestern flavors for the ballpark fare. But this is more than your typical hotdog.

“Of course we love our hot dogs and our hamburgers and all of those things, but at the same time, we’re trying to be a little more open,” DelaCruz told Indiana Daily Student. “When you come here, you don’t have to go anywhere else. We can give you the high end, we can give you fine dining. We’ve got chicken and waffles. You have loaded mac ‘n’ cheese, and you have bison sausage.”

The College World Series started last Friday and continues until the Championship series June 24 through 26. And DelaCruz is ready to cater to the fans every night of the series.

“Everything is big at the College World Series,” DelaCruz said.

When thinking of Midwestern cuisine, most first think of meat and potatoes. But DelaCruz has plenty of variety on the menu to cater all tastes.

“If you go down and walk the concourse, you’re going to find fresh eats, veggie cups, Mediterranean wraps, salads,” DelaCruz said. “We also have vegetarian and vegan options.”

DelaCruz’s favorite dish is the Reuben sausage because it takes the ingredients found in a Reuben, which originated in Nebraska, and puts it on a sausage.

“It’s been a favorite ever since we started,” she said.

A full menu of what food will be available at the stadium can be found on the next page.

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