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10 Foods We’ll Never Get to Eat Again

10 Foods We’ll Never Get to Eat Again

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These foods are long gone and they’re not coming back

Some people are very upset that these are no longer on the market.

Throughout the years, there have been a number of foods that have come and gone. Some of these foods were just epic failures and we’re glad to see them leave, but some were irreplaceably delicious and we’re still not sure why they were discontinued. Either way, if you really think about it, there are more than a few foods from your childhood that definitely aren’t around anymore.

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Foods can be discontinued for any number of reasons, but it always comes down to the bottom line. If a product isn’t bringing in profit, then it will be cut. Even foods that were once popular can fall out of favor, and the market follows where demand leads. The tastes and preferences of people change just as the times do.

Sometimes foods just drop off the face of the planet at the height of their popularity. In fact, there are a number of petitions that work towards bringing back favorite discontinued products. So we started to wonder, what are the most-missed foods from the past that have been chopped?

We took a quick tour through the decades and discovered some incredible, long-lost finds. While we remembered (fondly) some foods, there were a few that we had never realized were a popular item! And some foods were just so absurd that we’re surprised they were made in the first place. Nevertheless, it was fun to look back in time and see what foods people craved and which ones in the end did not live up to expectations.

Libby’s Salad Dressing (1910s)

Libby’s was a creamy dressing that was lauded by its advertisement as a thrift food. Supposedly, you could use the dressing in a variety of recipes, thus eliminating the need for other sauces or ingredients. Unfortunately for Libby, it didn’t turn out to be the wonder-food it claimed to be, as we can’t find it anywhere anymore.

National Oats (1920s)

The National Oats Company is no longer active, but the “pure white rolled oats” were popular in the ‘20s. In fact, one of the main advertising techniques was that eating National Oats would make your child “robust and active.”

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