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Cheese Pie - Bulgarian Donut

Cheese Pie - Bulgarian Donut

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Rub the yeast with the sugar until it becomes liquid, then put a teaspoon of flour over the yeast, mix a little and set aside. Put the flour in a bowl (about 500 g), make a hole in which you put the yeast with sugar, egg, lard or oil, salt and warm water and start to knead until it sticks to your hand. If you ask for more flour, add as much as needed. Leave it in a warm place for 30 minutes until it increases in volume.

Prepare the place for kneading (after 30 minutes of leavening) sprinkle flour on the work table and knead well, then spread with a rolling pin a round sheet that is cut for the first time in 4 leaving the center uncut, like a circle. Then cut each piece to obtain 8 final pieces. Put oil in the center, spread by hand all over the center and then kneaded cheese, take a piece of coca and wrap the cheese, grease the top sheet with oil, sprinkle the cheese and so on with each piece until done. the 8 pieces. Take it lightly and turn it face down, then stretch it a little more with the twister.

Grease a round pan with oil and put the cheese dough and leave it in the pan for 10-15 minutes, then put it in the oven until it gets a golden hue. Leave to cool and portion according to your heart's desire.

It is very tasty!


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