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Farm to fork at Fifteen London

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Words by Danny McCubbin

2012 was a milestone for Jamie, as Fifteen London, his famous flagship restaurant, turned 10. Now, in its 13th year, the restaurant continues to give unemployed youth in the UK the opportunity to become top-class working chefs.

Fifteen is and has always been at the heart of all of the great work that Jamie has done over the years, teaching people about good food and where it comes from. A great deal of magic goes on behind the scenes to make this happen, both in and outside the restaurant itself, and it’s this magic that makes Fifteen so special.

The food

Every ingredient at Fifteen is sourced responsibly and with a great deal of care and attention, and many of the suppliers have been providing for the restaurant from the day the doors opened.

Head Chef Robbin Holmgren routinely orders a whole cow, and teaches the apprentices how to cook with every part – nothing is wasted at Fifteen. Marcelo the baker bakes fresh bread every day, including his speciality white sourdough made with yoghurt, and his baking skills are passed onto the apprentices, many of whom are inspired to follow a career in baking once they graduate.

Robbin maintains a very British overtone to the food that he serves at Fifteen. Recently, the team created a spectacular menu of classic Sunday roasts with a twist, with a whole rotisserie chicken for two (including all the trimmings and a very special bread sauce) being the highlight dish.

A particularly exciting element of the restaurant is the fact that a lot of the produce served is grown at the garden of Jamie’s family home in Essex. Head Chef Robbin says: “It’s incredible to have such amazing produce right on your doorstep. We work very closely with Peter, the head gardener, to grow specific food for the menu. This is definitely ‘farm to fork’ and you can’t get more seasonal than that.”To tie it all together, over the gleaming brass countertop of Fifteen’s beautiful bar are served some of the best wines in London, as well as incredible seasonal cocktails. The playful Rye Me a River, which is made from cherry liqueur and rye whisky infused with chamomile tea and lemon juice, is a firm favourite.

Giving back

Food knowledge is the foundation of what the apprentices learn when they come to Fifteen. Not only do they study in a classroom to gain a hospitality qualification, but they also gain first hand knowledge about food from the chefs.

The Apprentice Programme has an outstanding success rate. Every year, 18 new apprentices are recruited, with 70% graduating and 80% remaining in the hospitality industry. The team behind Fifteen also make a positive impact on society by running the Fifteen Outreach Programme, through which in 2014 the team gave presentations and short ‘taster courses’ to over 1,000 people in the community who were interested in a career in hospitality.

All the staff at Fifteen contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of the apprentices, who are very well looked after, as they are both paid a wage and guaranteed a job at the end of their training, as well as having access to professionals who can help with everyday life’s challenges. This means that job satisfaction at Fifteen is very high, with all employees taking enormous pride in their work.

Fifteen also has a very active and thriving alumni community, with many of the graduates coming back to the restaurant for events, or to mentor current apprentices. The door is always open, and many of the graduates often return for career advice or for assistance if they are looking for work. Many of the graduates have gone on to enjoy great success, such as Anna Jones, who graduated with the second intake of apprentices. After working at top-class restaurants, both in the UK and Italy, she worked as one of Jamie’s food stylists, and, after seven years, went on to become a freelance food stylist and food writer. Earlier this year Anna wrote her first cookbook, A Modern Way to Eat, which has been both a commercial and critical success.

Other graduates are also enjoying their time in the spotlight, appearing on Jamie’s Food Tube, Drinks Tube, and Family Food Tube channels. They include Kerryann Dunlop, Aaron Craze, and Anna Jones.

Photography by David Munns from the June 2015 issue of Jamie magazine, in which Fifteen’s head chef Robbin Holmgren discusses the approach that he takes in teaching the current apprentices. The article features a hand-picked selection of Robbin’s recipes, and also interviews with some of the current apprentices.

Margy Hooker Farm to Fork

Welcome to Margy's Blog! On this blog I will provide you with farm to fork recipes from my newest cookbook "Farm to Fork the Margy Way" where you will also see seasonal pictures of our USDA Certified Organic Farm, Tanglewood Berry Farm, as well as, pictures of our animals. I will provide you with a list of what produce is in season and give you suggestions of how to prepare it. Also, I will announce the opening of the market, market hours, and information on my cooking classes.

Our Farm

What happens when two chefs come together to raise sheep? You get the best tasting Lamb available in Alberta. Ray and Nancy Nolan are professional chefs by trade who have prepared many delicious dishes for customers of high end establishments like the Dorchester Hotel in London England, the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto, and Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary. They know what good lamb should taste like!

You can purchase whole lamb or individual cuts of lamb directly from the farm. Pick up or delivery is available. You can also find Lambtastic Farms Lamb in high end restaurants and grocery stores throughout Alberta


Flocks are fed alfalfa, mixed hay & grain rations that are planted and harvested by the chef/owners themselves. They are permitted to roam Southern Alberta’s spacious fields to feed on natural grasslands and sparkling waters. Lamb is only processed when it has reached the age where the meat is most the flavorful.

Following sound management and ethical practices, Lambtastic Farms offers the most tender and succulent lamb available! Lambtastic Farms is here to serve you 12 months of the year.

Latest Episodes on Ten

Channel Ten is an Australian free-to-air commercial network, and is one of the five main free-to-air television networks in Australia.

Some of the most popular shows and programs on Channel Ten are MasterChef Australia, The Project, Studio 10, The Living Room, Neighbours, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Gogglebox, Australian Survivor, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Bondi Rescue and more.

The five main Australian free-to-air commercial networks are:

  • Seven Network
  • Nine Network
  • Network Ten
  • SBS (Special Broadcasting Services)
  • ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Seven Network has the following channels that are broadcast: Seven, 7HD, 7TWO, 7Mate, 7flix and the Racing Network.

The Nine Network has the following channels: Nine, 9HD, 9GEM and 9Go.

The Ten Network has the following channels: Ten, Ten HD, One, Eleven and the TV Shopping Network (TVSN).

The ABC has the following channels: ABC, ABC Comedy and ABC ME.

The SBS has the following channels: SBS, SBS HD, SBS Viceland, NITV and the Food Network.

Farm to Fork Fundraiser

From now until June 14th, your online gift will support our mission in the spirit of our annual Farm to Fork event.

Every year, we eagerly look forward to gathering with you to raise a glass, auction off one-of-a-kind items and experiences, enjoy a delicious meal of local foods, and honor the important work of The Seed Farm.

But due to uncertainty and health concerns surrounding COVID-19, our annual fundraiser will be virtual again this year! Instead of purchasing a ticket, we invite you to celebrate and support the future of farming by making a charitable contributio n.

Donate to help grow new farmers.

All funds raised support our mission of cultivating the next generation of farmers.

To show our sincere gratitude,all VIP donors ($500+) will receive the gifts below:

$1,000+ : Personal tour of farm for 8 with champagne toast VIP Meal Kit 2 tickets to the 2022 Plant Sale preview event and a $100 restaurant gift certificate*

$750 - $999: VIP Meal Kit 2 tickets to the 2022 Plant Sale preview event and a $100 restaurant gift certificate*

$500 - $749: VIP Meal Kit 2 tickets to the 2022 Plant Sale preview event and a $50 restaurant gift certificate*

VIP Meal Kit!

Hand-delivered to your home, the VIP Meal Kit will feature an exclusive recipe from Chef Lee Chizmar of Bolete Restaurant, as well as ingredients from The Seed Farm and other local provisions.

All donors within the following tiers will be entered to win the prizes listed. One name per tier will be selected at random. Winners will be notified via email by July 15.

$300 - $499: Work with our Farm Manager to select three varieties of vegetables, herbs, or flowers for us to grow for the 2022 Spring Plant Sale and a $100 restaurant gift certificate*

$150 - $299: Picnic dinner for two at The Seed Farm (retail value $50) and a $50 restaurant gift certificate*

$50 - $149 : A basket of produce from The Seed Farm&rsquos CSA delivered to your home or business, must be within 25-mile radius of The Seed Farm

*Gift Certificate Winners Will Have the Option to Choose from the Following Local Restaurants:

Farm to fork at Fifteen London - Recipes

This is the first part in a bi-monthly series featuring the CSA vegetables we receive on a weekly basis.

It is sort of like getting a care package from your best friend. who happens to be a farmer. In February, my fiancée and I signed-up with Bluebird Gardens of Fergus Falls, MN to receive weekly half-bushel share boxes. We paid just $395 for the whole season!

After months of receiving anticipatory emails from the farm, one finally announced, “Boxes are here!” On Thursday, I raced to our pick-up site after work, checked my name off the list, and lifted spring’s first vegetables from our box. Once I reached my kitchen, I gently examined a head of silky lettuce, a bunch of radishes, green onions, spinach, a petite kohlrabi, and my favorite, a bag of tender pea greens.

I spent the first half of the evening processing our bounty to make sure the produce would last as long as possible in our refrigerator. All of the greens received a good wash and multiple whirls through our salad spinner. Then, I packed the tender morsels into containers covered with paper towels.

pea shoots The first thing that came to mind for that night's dinner, was salad. I realize that a spring salad may not seem like the most novel idea, but it felt like the right dish to celebrate our first box. We don’t make many dinner salads at home, so having a convenient supply of newly washed, organic produce felt like a treat. Neither of us had been that fond of radishes, but were surprised by how much we enjoyed them out of our CSA box. I’m not sure I can say the same about kohlrabi whose flavor reminds me of one of my herbal tinctures. Fortunately, I have the feeling kohlrabi will make many more appearances in future boxes, giving us plenty of time to define and hopefully enhance our relationship.

Jake, my fiancée, is a man who was not accustomed to eating his vegetables during his bachelor days. Now, however, he expresses a growing enthusiasm about being a stakeholder in our CSA share. We were happily surprised by our newfound affinity for radishes and welcome more surprise-by-vegetable as the CSA season continues.

In college, one of my housemates created beautiful Lebanese salads. They were like a revelation to me and I never forgot them. She mixed freshly chopped vegetables and dressed them simply with lemon juice, pressed garlic, and mint. Then, she ate the salad straight out of the metal mixing bowl. Since, I have become enthralled with Lebanese food. I used to savor tart Fattoush salads from Shish in St. Paul, MN, which incorporated toasted pita bread in their version. We feasted on our version of fattoush salad for three days straight, without tiring.

I prefer to add some richness to my fattoush salad by using avocado and chips of aged cheddar cheese. Hardboiled egg would also be lovely.

Jeni’s First CSA Box Fattoush Salad

Freshly torn greens: Lettuce, spinach, pea greens, etc.

Radishes, shaved or thinly sliced. Cut the bigger rounds into half moons.

Kohlrabi, thinly sliced and cut into small pieces (if you’ve never handled kohlrabi, keep peeling away the tough, outer skin until you hit the tender interior.)

Green onion, thinly sliced.

Additional vegetables. I like avocado and cucumbers would also be a good match.

Toasted pita bread wedges, croutons or pita chips.

Garlic, grated or try minced garlic scapes.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice, the more the better.

To make your own pita chips, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Cut pita bread into bite-sized wedges. Place on a sheet pan and toss with plenty of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake until golden brown and crispy, tossing at least once throughout the baking process. Let cool.

Mix the greens, sliced vegetables, mint, and pita in a bowl.

Grate in as much fresh garlic as you’d like.

Drizzle lightly with olive oil and douse with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper.

Toss by hand, making sure the garlic is evenly distributed. Taste and adjust for seasoning.

Jeni Hill grew up in the Twin Cities and recently moved to Fargo. Her two sustaining passions are food and writing and she combines the two whenever she gets the chance. Jeni believes food is never just about the food and considers it the finest medium to connect with others. When she is not crafting contributions to Simple Good & Tasty, she may be posting to her blog An Herbalist Eats, 20food, or Fargo's High Plains Reader. Her last article for us was: An adopted Korean makes her first batch of lefse.

Raising Grass-Fed Meat

The Rogers have chosen to raise Hereford breed of cattle because of their marbling, superior tenderness and flavor in the meat they produce. The challenge with grass-fed cattle is that it takes an extended amount of time before they can be processed compared to grain-fed. When relying on a natural source of nutrition, time and patience is required. Grass-fed cows take about 2 years as oppose to 18 months for grain-fed.

“The production method we use in raising CowHouse Creek beef is designed to work with nature. It is a slow process that requires months and months of the cattle just being cattle on the ranch. But what you get in the end is a healthy, tasty product. We harvest the beef when it is in peak conditions, and wait until it is ready, no matter how long it takes.” – Cindy Roger from BeefsteakVeg

Most of the herd are females with a few bulls that are castrated. The steers are never bought and are completely grass-fed as well. Hereford mothers are known to stay with the calves until completely weaned allowing them to get the full amount of nutrition so that grain will never be supplemented. The cows graze on a variety of native grasses that include sideoats grama, little bluestem, indian grass, vetch, and clovers. Sometimes In the winter the Rogers plant fields of oats if the grasses are not as plentiful as needed. The grass is always free of fertilizer and the cows are never given hormones or antibiotics. It is necessary to move the cows to different pastures often in a process called rotational grazing. This is so they do not over-graze an area of grass to the point where it will not continue to grow.

“We were there when the calves were born, when they were weaned and all throughout their life. One of us sees them every single day. We can tell you what day they were born and weaned from their mother. And we can even tell you about some of their personalities.” -Cindy

The Schoolhouse's Farm to Fork Dinners @ Millstone Farm Go On Sale May 1st

Tickets for The Schoolhouse's Farm to Fork 2014 go on sale May 1st @ 10 am.

If you are unfamiliar with Millstone Farm's "Farm to Fork" dinner, here's the scoop: Wilton's own, Chef Tim LaBant of The Schoolhouse at Cannondale prepares four locally sourced courses served family style under the stars (weather permitting). The evening begins with a cocktail hour on the lawn (drinks included), followed by a tour of the 75 acre farm, and then dinner (BYOB). Take our word for it. This is one of the most unique culinary events in the area, and Millstone Farm provides the perfect backdrop (as well as extremely local ingredients).

Dinner dates and details are below:

Summer 2014 Dates:
June 11 & 12
July 16 & 17
Aug. 20 & 21
Sept. 17 & 18

Mark your calendars! June & July Tickets go on sale May 1st at 10 am. August & September Tickets go on sale June 1st at 10 am.

Farm to fork at Fifteen London - Recipes

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Farm to Fork Supper: Brompton Cross

At Daylesford we love to celebrate seasonality. Our Farm to Fork Seasonal Suppers bring the very best seasonal produce from our organic farm and Market Garden to our London locations every month.

Each supper will focus on the freshest, most delicious ingredients at their peak. Our chefs will prepare two courses featuring seasonal produce hand-selected by our gardeners, growers and farmers.

During the evening our chefs will join you at the table to share the inspiration behind each dish and explain the interesting and inventive ways they have been cooked.

Please note that because of COVID secure guidelines, it is only possible to book tables of up to six people.

DATE: Thursday 26th August 2021

LOCATION: Daylesford Brompton Cross, 76-82 Sloane Ave, Brompton Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 3DZ

TIMINGS: 7pm-10pm

PRICE: £28 per person for a two-course supper, not including drinks

Tower Bridge Dinner Chefs An Example Of Resilience We’ve Come To Know Amid Pandemic

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The table is set for one of the most iconic fundraisers in Sacramento. The Tower Bridge Dinner helps raise money for a good cause and forges relationships within a community made famous for its farm-to-fork style dining.

“Overall, for us now, it’s about health,” said Santana Diaz, executive chef for UC Davis Health.

Diaz was going over recipes for this year’s Tower Bridge Dinner while remembering how the Farm-to-Fork festival favorite was canceled by COVID last year.

“It was quite disappointing when we had just started having meetings last March and a team,” he said.

Diaz will bring his experience to the table. He has changed hospital food – prioritizing fresh ingredients from local farmers in the thousands of meals his staff prepares daily.

He will get some help from other chefs doing the same as they will prepare more than 800 dinners for the iconic fundraiser. Even though the chefs were selected in 2020, they represent the year that was.

“We obviously have Chef Santana from a hospital network in a time when we are so reliant on healthcare. We have an executive chef from Raley’s when so many of us were looking to the grocery stores as kind of our touchstones,” said Kari Miskit with Visit Sacramento.

Other restaurants represented provided outdoor dining and to-go options when there weren’t many dining options at all. This year, Chef Diaz is bucking from tradition when it comes to the menu.

“There will be a surprise whole food plant-based dish that we will be doing and serving for the first time at the Tower Bridge Dinner,” he said.

The event, which leads into the Farm-to-Fork Festival, draws in over 100,000 people to the area. Organizers hope that this year the guest list is as diverse as the food in front of them.

“Our sponsors have the great opportunity this year to join Visit Sacramento in prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, including who they invite to sit at their table,” Miskit said.

“What I would love people to be able to do is take away what food is really about is the relationship of where it comes from understanding that source transparency is important,” said Diaz.

Watch the video: Έλληνες εγλωβισμένοι στο Λονδίνο (July 2022).


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