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New bean dish, in bell pepper

New bean dish, in bell pepper

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The beans are picked, washed and boiled in cold water. When foam rises above it, it is collected and thrown away.

Meanwhile, prepare the other vegetables. Peel onions and garlic, wash, chop and lightly fry in enough oil over low heat to keep from burning.

Wash the tomatoes, cut them into cubes and fry them with the onion and garlic.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add it to the pot and other grater. Add the tomato paste and let the vegetables boil over medium heat.

When the beans have boiled halfway and the water has colored, strain it and add it to the pot in which the other vegetables are boiling. Boil the vegetables over medium heat and if necessary, add warm water so as not to harden the beans.

After boiling the beans, keep the pot on low heat until the sauce decreases.

Season with: salt, pepper and thyme and take the pot off the heat. Add chopped parsley and prepare the “containers” for serving: wash the bell peppers, cut them in half lengthwise, clean the stalks and seeds and fill them with the bean curd. Serve immediately, possibly with hot peppers, if desired.

The story of future successes

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# 12282 fel70

Hey girls. I came back from work.

I was very good too.
As I said about dimi and g1 was composed of 2 apples, not one, with dandelion tea, g2 was made of a little grape and I didn't need meat anymore. I also had lunch, in addition to chicken juice and a tablespoon of cabbage with & # 39something& # 39 through it (mother's alms) and an intermediate slice of bread. So so far, today, I only have 2 slices of active bread.

I don't know if I'm doing well. With lunch like this in 2 ways. or should I leave type 2 for the evening? I don't feel "loaded" either if I eat 2 dishes like that, small by the way, and nothing in the evening - or if I eat soup / soup, at 4-5 and a bit more in the evening.

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Soori and in our country, contrary to expectations, today is cold. Well with your neck? What will it be? From the cold, from & # 39visits & # 39?
As I said, I also finished with the hall, I still have to spread a washing machine, I finished with dishes, elea, elea in the kitchen, and curiously, it seems to me now & # 39day & # 39 quite long, without sportacus. And only 5.45.

I'll come in later and let you know if I get a change in the menu.
Puup. I'm here, I'm kicking ass.

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# 12283 adriana1980

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucharest, moved to Bolintin almost four years ago
  • Interests: animals, literature, decorations, flowers.

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# 12284 palomablanca

Greetings, greetings & # 33
Today was a time when I wanted to go back home and keep all three kittens by my side & # 33 Very bad weather. I don't feel like anything. I would go a little to the mountains, it 's definitely more beautiful there & # 33
My menu today:
- in the morning: 2 pieces of chicken liver, 2 slices of muscle,
- snack: 15 raw almonds, 1 mar,
- lunch: 2 pieces of chicken liver,
- in the afternoon: 1 roast chicken leg,
- evening: 2 pieces of chicken liver with 1 piece of long cucumber.
As you can see, the base is this week the chicken drum, my mother made it and I like it badly, I don't like it & # 33

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10.06.2014 - 3rd month - 85 kg (- 4 kg), BMI 30.5
10.07.2014 - 4th month - 82 kg (- 3 kg), BMI 29.4
10.08.2014 - 5th month - 80 kg (- 2 kg), BMI 28.7
10.09.2014 - 6th month - 77 kg (- 3 kg), BMI 27.6
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# 12285 Ghinduta

Hey girls. I came back from work.

I was very good too.
As I said about dimi and g1 was composed of 2 apples, not one, with dandelion tea, g2 was made of a little grape and I didn't need meat anymore. I also had lunch, in addition to chicken juice and a tablespoon of cabbage with & # 39something& # 39 through it (mother's alms) and an intermediate slice of bread. So so far, today, I only have 2 slices of active bread.

I don't know if I'm doing well. With lunch like this in 2 ways. or should I leave type 2 for the evening? I don't feel "busy" either if I eat 2 dishes, small by the way, and nothing in the evening - or if I eat soup / soup, at 4-5 and a bit more in the evening.

The thing is, I can't really drink water.
I took a flamexin from that envelope, but I have a bloating. not in the stomach, in the bladder, for days.

With dinner. I don't know if it will be needed anymore, maybe I'll pinch a little veal, only if it's required. If not, no. I will drink, instead, a vase of dandelion tea. That the lock is still locked. So you haven't seen anything like it.
Ghindu, I had & # 39; oval & # 39 clean all the time except pregnancy. During pregnancy, a cyst developed behind her. was not seen on ultrasound. my luck that I gave birth by cesarean section, that they took him out then, was like the baby's head, like otherwise, who knows what else will happen. they operated on me anyway. So, you see, it can be the other way around. maybe you're fine with a task. But, I agree with you too, and run to Dr.

Soori and in our country, contrary to expectations, today is cold. Well with your neck? What will it be? From the cold, from & # 39visits & # 39?
As I said, I also finished with the hall, I still have to spread a washing machine, I finished with dishes, elea, elea in the kitchen, and curiously, it seems to me now & # 39day & # 39 quite long, without sportacus. And only 5.45.

I'll come in later and let you know if I get a change in the menu.
Puup. I'm here, I'm kicking ass.

God, it's good that it's all over. I wholeheartedly hope my baby adjusts. I know that my mother also had problems with her young ovaries, but I don't know if they were solved after the births. I wish I had someone to compare to

So, waters, you are not alone & # 33

I don't feel like anything either, I have an existential disgust because I don't even know where it comes from. topped with biscuits and cookies.

I don't seem to be able to mobilize anymore, nothing special happened today (apart from the fact that in the morning one of them hit me in the back, it's good that it's the car in the ax, that one had clogged the number, mine only from this bar because of a roundabout bastard placed on a national road, everyone has to give way, only they give way to those on the national road is a priority over give way to those _ including me_ who come from The normal passage yields. It is certain that due to an ox that entered the roundabout with at least 60 I had to stop abruptly and my uncle behind me hit me. No scandal, found no damage, no scratches, so gone)

So I don't feel in a state of anything, today I had after a long time that stupid state that is bad and goes out with a croissant. I extinguished it with a packet of belvita biscuits and another one had no taste, but. it was as if I couldn't stop. I continued home with cookies. a pretzel in the morning. So, overall, it's nonsense.

Otherwise, I'm stressed that that graft certificate isn't ready (it won't be until tomorrow), that I have to present the report on Wednesday, which I didn't even start, that it's not sunny outside, that my allergy doesn't go away even though I took 5 clarinets . and I didn't even realize what I was doing. as if I'm in a state of panic, I'm afraid that I may have had a psoriasis on my nervous system if I don't get over my bumps, that I won't be able to urinate with the report, that I'll make fun of myself, I don't know , this is not a good time for me at all.

Felu & # 39 those 16 degrees are with me, 8 with you. 8 at Baneasa, 8 at Filaret.

waters, congratulations for the target, kisses, maybe you mobilize me too & # 33

What is certain is that I have noticed that any meal that I do not respect as I am used to, my body gets too much coffee in the morning (3 instead of 2 on an empty stomach) it upsets me. so anything that is not normal that I have imposed on myself in the last 10 months upsets me and makes me depressed.

International Outdoor Cooking Championship Polus Cluj Cup 2012 - part 2

Let's continue, my dear ones, with the events of the first day of the Culinary Shows.
While the competing teams competed in the presentation of the culinary preparations, we were preparing to face the Mega Show & # 8221Masters of Flames - Hell's Kitchen vs Angel's Lounge”.

Do I have to tell you what happiness on our heads to see the team we made? Take a look at the pictures and comment yourself.

Well, until we had fun with our new Devil roles as we prepared the hottest dishes, we had time to make new friends. And I don't talk like that. nonsense, but I had the great pleasure of turning virtual friends on the internet into real friends. I think this is the greatest achievement of ours, of those who know each other only from some photos, real or. as many people are accustomed to, assigning photos of cakes, popcorn or puppies! Sin!
So, I had the greatest pleasure to meet them In Play on: Ioana Cocian (E-recipes), on Teo Dora (Teo's kitchen), on Rita Oarga (Delicious Treasures), on Alice Ciobanu (From the bee's kitchen) but also other friends I only knew from Facebook. And I mention here one of the most appreciated show chefs on Paprika TV, Cristian Sora.
Of course, I also met dear old friends: Uica Mihai, Mărioara Vîrtop, Merhzad Moghazehi (competitor at MasterChef Romania), Lungu Iris (competitor at MasterChef Romania), Cristian Păpușoiu (competitor at MasterChef Romania) or Alexandru Cîrțu (also a competitor at MasterChef Romania), Petru Buiuca (winner of the MasterChef Romania), Mihai Groza, but also many others.
The photos taken with them, of course, are invaluable!

In the show that followed, me and my teammate Niculae Nicolae, I made the fastest, most spicy, most burning (both literally and figuratively) Serbian cabbage which has ever been mentioned before!
Luckily I was prepared with some bestial sauces, received as a gift from my good friend Costas Cozma, who brought them to me from Scotland. I tell you honestly. that just at a little tasting (on the tip of toothpicks.) of the sauces, your eyes jumped out of your head! I am witnessed by many of the tasters who have visited our ciaun! Just ask him Filip Vasilescu (one of the presenters of the show), who, after tasting a little of our cabbage, for 2 hours, announced through the station every 5 minutes that if he caught me, he would be sorry for my head and tail. And what was my fault, when the Show was specially made to burn what you eat? It was Masters of Flames, NOT? And Filip knew that, that I only told him when he interviewed me, that it wouldn't be good to taste from fireprepared by me.
But he didn't listen to me. and drank cold water non-stop afterwards for 4 hours. The risks of the job.
And that was not all! I also told Antena 1 (who was filming the event) about the problems they will have if they attack our cabbage. Hihihi! Do you think they listened to me? Ha.

When our dishes were made available to the Cluj public for tasting and appreciation, I can honestly tell you that I ran away eating the earth from the place of preparation so that no one would find me in the area! You realize why, don't you? That's why I don't even have a picture from this period of the show.
I changed my shirt so that my hosts would not recognize me and I ran to calm down at a Hungarian brandy from her mother. In fact, it can be seen from the pictures that I was very happy during this time.

The Championship show continued with numerous culinary presentations. I only got to watch the one presented by the Tokyo Restaurant in Cluj (which I visited on another occasion) when its chefs demonstrated how to prepare a real sushi! Super.

Then I watched his show Cristian Sora. Particular!
But about this show, I will present you some photos and I will tell you a few words in the 3rd part of this presentation.

Cabbage cakes

Cabbage cakes recipes: how to cook cabbage cakes and the tastiest cake recipes with pan-fried cabbage, cabbage with Bulgarian rice, toros with sauerkraut, cabbage with raw ciolan, sauerkraut with ham, wild duck with cabbage, ciolan with sauerkraut, cabbage meatballs with semolina, cabbage a in Cluj with smoked, red cabbage with prunes.

Pan-fried cabbage cakes

flour 500g-600g, 42g yeast (a cube of fresh yeast), 200ml warm water, a powder of sugar, a pinch of salt, 50ml of oil, 500g of sauerkraut.


500 g flour, 300 ml warm water 15 g fresh yeast, 3 tablespoons salt oil

Cakes (like at home mom)

1 kg flour 1 knife tip salt 2 tablespoons sugar yeast as a nut 1 half cup of water

Stewed cabbage

Food, Cabbage dishes, Christmas 1 medium cabbage 1 onion 2 carrots 1 donut 2 tomatoes 1 leg dill salt, pepper

Quality sour cabbage at Crock Pot

Sour cabbage, Cabbage, Water 1 sour cabbage 1 onion 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 can of tomatoes 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper salt (optional) 2 smoked sausages 2 tablespoons oil


Yeast, Water 1kg flour 50g yeast salt warm water

Moldovan cakes

Bakery and pastry products, Bread 1 kg flour 500 ml water 30 ml oil 25 g yeast salt to taste 1 teaspoon sugar

Wall cakes

500 gr flour 25 gr fresh yeast 1 teaspoon salt 200 ml warm water 50 ml oil

Cabbage with homemade noodles

Foods, Foods with cabbage 1 kg flour 4 eggs 2,5kg sweet white cabbage 250g lard 5g pepper 50g salt

Croatian cabbage (Prisiljeno Zelje)

Meals, Dishes with cabbage approx 600 g sliced ​​cabbage 100 g lightly breaded bacon 4-5 ripe tomatoes 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon vinegar 1 tablespoon vegetable oil podravka ground pepper


Yeast, Water 1 kg flour 30 gr yeast 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon oil 500 ml water

Cakes & quot. Diapers & quot

Walnuts, Water two packets of walnut pie sheets 1 glass of sugar water

Cabbage with smoked ribs

Food, Cabbage dishes, Christmas 1 large cabbage 1 carrot 2 smoked onions (optional) bell pepper salt, pepper, parsley

Cabbage pie

Cabbage, Water 15 tablespoons flour yeast as a nut lard as a nut 1 egg warm water green cabbage salt pepper oil

Pasta with sweet cabbage

Dishes, Dishes with cabbage 1 medium cabbage, 1 large onion, 400 g pasta without egg, 100ml oil, salt, pepper

Omelette with meat and cabbage

Cabbage 2-3 eggs 2 slices salami 2-3 slices of pastrami a little salt or delicate 1 teaspoon chilli little pepper a little cabbage ketchup

Cabbage salad with salmon

Cabbage, Salmon one cabbage 100 g salmon smoked two tablespoons olive oil lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon sugar salt

Poultry liver with sweet cabbage

Cabbage 500g poultry liver 200ml milk 100ml oil 1 cabbage 0.8 kg 1 tablespoon large salt 200g bullion 3 strands fresh thyme pepper 1 hot pepper for decoration

Fresh Cabbage Salad

Salads This salad can be prepared from white cabbage, red cabbage or combination. It is delicious and healthy. cabbage cream to taste mustard to taste lemon juice or apple cider vinegar honey or sugar to taste salt, pepper

Noodles with cabbage and pepper

Poppy, Cabbage 1 cabbage 1 packet of square noodles (if they are homemade are even better) ground pepper salt 2-3 tablespoons oil

Ina warm cabbage

Food, Cabbage dishes, Christmas 1 medium cabbage 1 large red onion 1 large tomato a few tablespoons oil 200 g smoked pork goose

Red cabbage soup

Potato, Lemon, Cabbage 1 red cabbage 6 glasses bone juice 2-3 glasses dry red wine 1 lemon 3-4 potatoes oil salt pepper 1 teaspoon sugar

Bulgarian cabbage

Foods, Foods with chicken cabbage, sauerkraut, rice, chicken soup, oil, tomato paste (broth, tomato juice) hot peppers, lots of pepper

Cabbage with ham

Foods, Cabbage dishes, Christmas a not too big cabbage, an onion, a local bell pepper, a large tomato, dill and borscht, homemade ham, horseradish

Cabbage with tarragon

Foods, Cabbage dishes 1 small cabbage, 1 onion, salt, pepper, vegeta, tarragon, oil

Cabbage with smoked ribs

Meals, Dishes with cabbage 1 larger cabbage, 350 g smoked ribs, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 red bell pepper, 3 tomatoes, 1 tablespoon broth, 4-5 tablespoons oil, paprika, salt, pepper, thyme.

Penne with sour cabbage

Foods, Foods with cabbage 1 small sour cabbage, 500 gr penne, thyme, pepper, vegeta, 2 onions, 30 ml oil

Fondue cakes

Yeast 400 gr flour 20 gr yeast 2 teaspoons sugar 1 teaspoon cumin salt 1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons oil 1 can fondue cheese

Cabbage tart

Thyme, Cabbage for dough: 1 glass of oil 1 glass of mineral water flour c & acirct comprises 1 sachet of baking powder a pinch of salt for the filling: a medium cabbage 2 onions 2 tablespoons tomato paste oil (for hardening cabbage and greased tray ) salt thyme pepper

Sweet cabbage with ribs

Meals, Dishes with cabbage cabbage - one piece (marisoara) onion - 3 medium pieces oil - 150 ml. extra rib - 800 gr salt and pepper after, optional taste tomato juice - 300 ml

Cabbage tower in Cluj

Meals, Dishes with cabbage 1 piece sauerkraut 800 g minced meat 2 onions 100 g rice 200 ml delicate oil peppercorns and ground pepper thyme tarragon paprika 200 g sour cream 1 leg parsley or dill

Smoked cabbage

Food, Cabbage dishes 1 cabbage, sliced ​​1 tablespoon oil 1 onion 1 tablespoon Hungarian paprika 1 tablespoon tomato paste smoked thyme pepper

New cabbage salad

Salads a small cabbage two tomatoes green dill oil salt pepper vinegar.

Kimchi - Korean style sauerkraut

Pickles, Vegetable dishes, Cabbage dishes 1 Chinese large cabbage salt 2 teaspoons crushed garlic 2 teaspoons chopped ginger 1 teaspoon sugar 2 teaspoons water 4 teaspoons hot pepper flakes 1 white radish 1 bunch green onion

Roast the lid with peppers

Garlic, Sour cabbage, Cabbage -700 gr pork meat -1 pepper (bell pepper) -love -oil -villet pepper salt -water -cabbage

New cabbage soup

Peppers, Dill, Bell peppers a small cabbage 1 carrot green dill 2 tomatoes 1/2 bell peppers event smoked smoked a few slices and sour cream

Sweet Cabbage With Baked Ciolan

Bay leaves, Peppers, Cabbage 1.5-2 kg cabbage cabbage or cabbage to be of medium size and more "dense" a stalk of about 1 1.5 kg 2 onions 1-2 pieces peppers a smaller carrot 6 tomatoes or broth, tomato paste 1 l borscht to boil the ciolanul, but stop another glass for.

Christmas Tiramisu

Sweets, Cakes 150g mascarpone, 150g cottage cheese, 3-4 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons rum, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 1 teaspoon cocoa, 8-10 gingerbread, 150ml mulled wine (cold), cocoa


Salads a small white cabbage 2 boiled eggs 2 tomatoes 150 grams smoked ham mayonnaise salt pepper

Sweet cabbage with smoked ribs

Meals, Dishes with cabbage 5 pieces of smoked ribs, 1 onion, a raw cabbage, tomato juice, 1-2 bay leaves, peppercorns, salt, a little oil, chopped parsley

Savoy stuffed cabbage

Meals, Dishes with cabbage a savoy cabbage, for the filling: an onion, 700 gr minced beef, 100 gr rice, olive oil, parsley, salt, pepper, paprika, tomato juice or broth, lemon juice

Stewed cabbage

Foods with vegetables - 1 cabbage - 2 tablespoons oil - 1 bay leaf - 2 onions - 1 teaspoon thyme - 1 cup red juice

Cakes like in Moldova

white wheat 1 teaspoon salt 200 ml milk or water 2 tablespoons sugar 200 ml oil for frying 50g yeast

Brussels sprouts with vegetables and chicken

Meals, Meal with cabbage 500 gr brussels sprouts 3-4 pieces of chicken 2 tomatoes 3 carrots 1 onion 1 zucchini 1 leg dill salt, pepper

Stuffed cakes

Yeast 450 gr flour 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 cup warm milk 25 gr yeast 1 teaspoon sugar a pinch of salt 3 tablespoons oil 7 slices muscle fillets 1 small jar of chopped mushrooms 150-200 gr cheese

Sauteed cabbage with sausages

Food, Cabbage dishes, Christmas 1 sauerkraut 400 g smoked sausages an onion 1 tablespoon tomato paste 2 bay leaves 50 ml oil 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1/2 tablespoon dried dill peppercorns

Trout on cabbage

Dishes with over 3 trout 1kg white cabbage 1kg red cabbage 1 onion 1 fat pepper, 1 jar of red broth 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder (cumin) 2 tablespoons butter salt pepper a little dried thyme, 1 teaspoon lemon salt 3 cloves garlic

Sweet cabbage with pork

Meals, Cabbage dishes, Christmas 1 kg pork (ribs), a large cabbage, 1 onion, 1 tablespoon broth, 3-4 tablespoons oil, salt, pepper, water or meat juice

Cabbage With Chicken Hammers

Foods, Foods with cabbage chicken hammers cabbage 1 red bell pepper 2 carrots tomato concentrate smoked bacon salt pepper olive oil

Cabbage from Cluj - traditional recipe

Minced meat, Meat dishes, Cabbage dishes 500 g minced meat 150 g rice 150 ml broth 2 onions oil salt pepper thyme dried dill 750 g sauerkraut

Chicken with sour cream and dill

Chicken with sour cream and dill recipes: how to cook chicken with sour cream and dill and the tastiest chicken breast recipes with sour cream and dill, chicken with pineapple and sour cream, couscous with chicken and sour cream, chicken escalope with mushrooms and sour cream, apricot and sour cream cake, sour cream and lemon cake, vegetable tart and sour cream, croissants with lard and sour cream, Easter with cheese and sour cream, boiled papanasi with sour cream and jam.

Chicken with sour cream

Dill - thighs and breast from a chicken - 100 g butter - 200 ml sour cream - dill - salt

Chicken breast with sour cream and dill sauce

Meat dishes a chicken breast 2 cloves garlic salt, fine dill 3 tablespoons sour cream 1 tablespoon butter

Meat stew with autumn mushrooms

Thyme, Cream, Dill 2 poplars 1/2 kg autumn mushrooms (ghebe) chicken soup 1 onion 50 g butter 2 cloves garlic 200 g sour cream salt pepper thyme parsley dill

Chicken with sour cream

Meat dishes 5 chicken breasts or wings 1 onion 500 ml sour cream salt pepper 3 tablespoons dill flour

Chicken and vegetable cake

Peppers, Dill, Chicken Breast a chicken breast 2 bell peppers 500g onion 5 tablespoons oil 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sour cream salt,, dill a packet of French dough or pie sheets

Rolls with salted cheese and sour cream

Cream, Dill 1 packet of pie sheets 500 g sheep's milk 200 g sour cream a dill yellow oil

Country chicken with sour cream

Meat dishes chicken legs and country wings (I used from 4 chickens) 2 suitable onions 1 green onion 1 carrot 250 gr thick country cream 1/2 link green dill 2 tablespoons oil salt pepper 1 bay leaf

Chicken and sour cream pie

Meals, Meatballs: 100 g soft butter, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1 egg yolk, 150 g fatty yogurt, salt, pepper, 500 g boneless chicken breast, 250 g sour cream, 1 bunch of dill, 50 ml oil, 1 box sliced ​​mushrooms, flour

Chicken with sour cream and mushrooms

Meals, Meat dishes 1 chicken breast 200 gr sour cream 200 gr mushrooms 1 link dill oil 1 onion 1 tablespoon flour salt pepper

Aromatic thighs on a bed of created cabbage

Potato, Chicken Legs, Dill 6 chicken legs 1 cabbage created 4 potatoes 150 ml sour cream 1 tablespoon flour 1/2 leek 1/2 red bell pepper 1 tablespoon donut paste green parsley soy sauce chili sauce 1 tablespoon mustard 100 ml wine white spices for chicken garlic granulated salt.

Pui shanghai

Dill, Poppy, Green dill a boneless and skinless chicken breast 2 eggs 3 tablespoons soy sauce 1-2 teaspoon lemon juice 2 teaspoons mustard flour green dill salt ground pepper oil for frying

Chicken breast with mango

Chicken breast, Chicken, Mango 1 chicken breast 1 mango 2 eggs 3 tablespoons sour cream 100 grams cheese 2 tablespoons chopped dill oil 1 teaspoon butter or margarine salt and pepper

Chicken breast with peas

Dill, Mint, Red onion 4 chicken breasts 1 kg peas 1 red onion 1 link dill 1 can chopped tomatoes in tomato sauce tomato salt freshly ground pepper dried dill mint

Greek chicken soup

Chicken, Soups and broths, Soups 1 kg chicken (thighs and breast) 2 onions 1 carrot 1 parsnip 1/2 celery 100 g rice 1/2 lemon 2 egg yolks 200 g cream salt pepper 2-3 leaves fresh bay dill and parsley

Chicken and sour cream tart

Appetizers, Appetizers with meat a portion of tart dough, tender, for the filling: a chicken breast 300 gr sour cream an egg a bunch of fresh dill 100 gr telemea 2 green onion strands a delicate bell pepper 2 raw eggs for finishing

Chicken stew with mushrooms

Peppers, Chicken legs, Dill 3 chicken legs 500 g mushrooms 1 carrot 1 bell pepper 6 onions 6 cloves garlic 250 ml tomato juice 75 ml oil salt pepper paprika green dill

Zama of the poor

Dill, Green dill, Water 1 carrot 1 onion green dill 2 eggs 1 l whey 1 l bone juice 100 ml sour cream 2 tablespoons pasta donuts salt pepper

Chicken breast in cheese crust and mascarpone

Dill, Poppy, Cheese 2 chicken breasts olive oil 1 glass of white wine 100 g cheese 2 tablespoons mascarpone 1 egg dill salt ground pepper

Chicken with tomatoes

Meat dishes 1 kg chicken, 1 kg tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 bunch dill, 1 bunch parsley 150 g sour cream, salt pepper oil,

Ciulama from pipote and chicken hearts

Chicken, Meat dishes, Meals 1 kg chicken hearts and pipettes, mixed 400 ml cream 2-3 tablespoons oil 1 onion salt pepper 2 tablespoons flour 1 bunch dill or parsley

Cream sauce with dill (raw vegan)

Vegetarian recipes 200 ml cashew cream 1 tablespoon organic mustard 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 bunch chopped dill Himalayan salt to taste

Chicken Roll Kaleidoscope

Olive oil, Dill, Cheese boneless chicken breast red bell pepper cheese green parsley green dill salt pepper olive oil

Chicken Breast With Dill

Dishes with chicken breast dill breadcrumbs salt, and oil for frying

Chicken Stuffed With Garnish And Sauce

Meals, Chicken breast meat dishes, gouda cheese (instead of cheese), feta cheese, sour cream, dill, garlic, spices (optional), brandy, potatoes for garnish

Chicken marinated with ginger

Dill - 6 chicken legs - 1 large piece of ginger - 100 ml soy sauce - 20 ml olive oil - dry dill - pepper salt

Cucumber spreads with cheese and sour cream

Sour cream, Dill, Cheese * cucumber * sweet cheese * sour cream * dill * little salt

Monastery chickens

Meat dishes 4-5 pcs. chicken legs 2 pcs. onion 1 tip paprika 1/2 handful parsley 1 tip mixed pepper 1 tip salt 4 tablespoons sunflower oil 1-2 tablespoons white flour 150 ml white wine 300 ml sour cream 1 tablespoon spices for chicken 400 gr sliced ​​mushrooms 2-3.

Chicken with white sauce

Meat dishes chicken (breast, thighs, wings) 1 grated carrot 3 bay leaves peppercorns salt 1 l water 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons oil 200 ml sour cream 2 cloves garlic dill

Chicken ciulama with mushrooms

Meat dishes 1 larger chicken breast (700-800 g) 1 onion 400g sour cream 700 g fresh mushrooms or 2 cans of fried oil mushrooms 3 tablespoons flour 1 dill salt pepper

Greek style chicken soup

Soups and broths, Soups 1 chicken breast, 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1 red pepper, 1 half celery, dill, parsley, 1 half lemon, 250 g sour cream, 2 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons rice, 2 teaspoons delicately, 2- 3 teaspoons delicate bag

Chicken breast & quottavalit & quot through aromatic herbs

Dill, Oregano, Rosemary 1 boneless chicken breast. 1 or. faina. oregano. rosemary. dry dill. salt pepper

Brush chicken with vegetables and dill sauce

Meat dishes 1 chicken of about 700-800 g 300 g new potatoes 2 carrots 1 parsley 1 onion 1 bunch of dill and a few sprigs of parsley 30 ml oil (butter as a nut) 2-3 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon sugar salt pepper (1 cube or a teaspoon of chicken concentrate.

Cheese paste

Cream, Dill, Cheese cow cheese sour cream onion green dill salt pepper

Chicken tinsel with mushrooms

Food, Meat dishes chicken meat fresh mushrooms garlic cloves sour cream dill salt, pepper

Baked chicken legs with potatoes

Potato, Dill -chicken legs (I used lower legs) -4-5 potatoes -1 cup of dry white wine -olive oil -sweet / hot paprika (according to preference) -dried dill -salt salt

Chicken tinsel

Dill, Parsley, Paprika -8 pcs chicken upper legs -3-4 tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes) -200 ml dry white wine -1 cup water -salt salt -pickle -dried dill -7-8 cloves of garlic - parsley oil

Pumpkin dish with chicken breast

Meat dishes 2 large zucchini 3 tablespoons oil 1 tablespoon flour half a chicken breast 3 dill strands 3 tablespoons sour cream vegeta other spices

Chicken stew with mushrooms

Meat dishes 2 chicken breasts 2 red bell peppers 3 large onions 500-600 gr fresh mushrooms 1 glass sour cream & nbsp a little pepper salt oil 1 teaspoon thyme 1 teaspoon basil 2 cloves garlic a little dill or chopped parsley

Chicken legs with mushroom sauce

Small onion, sour cream 4 boiled thighs 300 g fresh mushrooms 1 small onion 1 cup meat soup 1 tablespoon flour 300 g sour cream salt pepper dill and fresh parsley.

Then the big bag

Dill, Paprika, Chicken a chicken paprika dried rosemary salt, pepper olive oil for garnish: 4-5 new potatoes olive oil dry dill salt, pepper

Cabbage appetizer salad

Dill, Green dill 1 cabbage of about 700 g 3-4 tablespoons sour cream 2 tablespoons homemade mayonnaise green dill 1 tablespoon lemon juice salt pepper

Bell pepper dish with chicken breast and dill

Meals, Meat dishes a chicken breast, 5-6 bell peppers of different colors, an onion, a bunch of dill, salt, pepper, oil.

Dietary powder (chicken liver)

Dill, Parsley, Carrots * 500 g liver (you can also add chicken breast) * 3 bundles green onions * 2 carrots * 2 + 1 eggs * 1 bunch green garlic or 4 - 5 cloves dried garlic * dill parsley * salt pepper oil

Chicken fillets with sour cream (4 servings)

Meat dishes 500g chicken breast, 200g fresh mushrooms, 5oog sour cream, pepper salt.

New cabbage soup

Peppers, Dill, Bell peppers a small cabbage 1 carrot green dill 2 tomatoes 1/2 bell peppers event smoked smoked a few slices and sour cream

Chicken legs with tomatoes and dill

Meat dishes 3 chicken legs 7 large garden tomatoes 1 onion half pepper kapia green dill 4 cloves garlic salt pepper 2 tablespoons oil 1 tablespoon tomato paste with celery

Chicken with mushrooms

Meat dishes 700 g chicken 300 g mushrooms mushroom 1 carrot 1 onion 1 tomato 1 teaspoon or 1 cube mushroom concentrate (optional) 30 ml oil 1/2 lemon 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 teaspoons flour 2-3 cloves garlic a few fire dill parsley 1 tbsp.

Chicken breast with mushrooms and sour cream

Meat dishes 4 pieces boneless chicken breast / boneless chicken legs 300 g champignon mushrooms 500 g sour cream 2 tablespoons olive oil 15 g butter salt pepper

Chicken with mushrooms

Meat dishes 5-6 thighs an onion a clove of garlic a bunch of dill 250g sour cream 500g mushrooms an egg salt pepper oil.

Chicken liver

Meat, Chicken 500 gr chicken liver chicken meat 2 bundles of green onions 1 bunch dill 1 bunch parsley 3 eggs salt pepper special spices

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I know there are many variations of chicken soups. only we don't like the soup version that looks like a long juice :) I like to make it from chicken raised by my grandmother in the country, or if I don't have it. I always find poultry fat in the freezer, which gives a soup that taste we like!
Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the "technological process". the soup was made unprepared for my sick grandmother. Thank God it's good now!

1 kg chicken breast and chops (you can use chicken cutlery or any chicken, especially with bone)
1/2 bell pepper
1 onion
1 carrot
1/2 parsnips

tomatoes in broth
noodles (I used rice noodles, but I also use homemade noodles from 1 egg, salt, flour)
5 liters of water
Boil the poultry in salted water, always frothing. When the meat is cooked, strain the juice, cut the meat into suitable pieces. In the strained juice add all the finely chopped vegetables and pieces of meat and let it boil, covered. When the vegetables are almost cooked, add the noodles, and after about 5 minutes, add the tomato juice. When all is cooked, turn off the heat and add the parsley.

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Puppies Big Cats Pets Pets Funny Pictures With Animals Animal Kingdom Cuteest Animals Download Wallpaper 1080x1920 Lion, Cube, Caring, Lying, Grass Sony Xperia Z1, ZL, Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One HD Backgroun Immediately I knew and I I felt that this chicken with olives would be successful with mine. My little Maria is desperate for olives and it was clear that she would appreciate the food, but it was very unexpected to receive praise from Sofia, who can't stand olives. He told me that the meat sauce changed their taste and he ate it with pleasure. Sweet cabbage with mutton First we prepare the meat: the meat cut into pieces is boiled for 5 minutes in boiling water, then washed and soaked. in water with a little vinegar, take it out for about 2 hours and put it in a bowl made of wine, oil, pepper, enibahar, cumin, garlic - until the next day

From a neck, a chest and the ribs with the thin package, from a young sheep, calved in spring, Uica Mihai prepared in the cauldron a sheep stew as per the book. And the spices used were the secret for the smell of meat, which many people can't stand, to disappear and leave behind a good meal. Sheep soup with tarragon Add to favorites. Recipe Preparation Cut the meat into cubes and fry in a tablespoon of oil. Sprinkle the finely chopped tarragon over the meat and add the head. Boil under the lid over low heat until the meat comes off the bone. tomato, sheep's cheese, sheep's cheese, radishes, peppers. Chicken soup. Welcome to our home :) If you got here, it means that you have decided to stop time instead. The first days of the baby pass super fast and are often filled with lost nights, short and frequent sleeps, plus the pope non stop. Before you know it, the baby no longer fits in the first clothes you prepared for him with emotion and you wonder how he grew up.

. Put them in a bag and apply on the chest. but I didn't find out too much, we are here with new pictures and the video Chicken By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and partners that analyze how. offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices PICTURES and images on 220 sheep. go upstairs. & gt Movies with sheep . Movies, Videos. a sheep with dozens of km per hour. two on a motorcycle. 724 views imag Colorful animals. Astia walks with painted sheep domle. orange, red, pink etc. Optimistic people. 4188 views imag Strange exams at the Polytechnic of Brasov Basically we get a fine sausage, slightly smoked, made of duck, goose, turkey, chicken or chicken. Yes, this recipe for breast pastrami and duck legs can be adapted with other meats. Sheep or beef pastrami is prepared in the same way: the pieces of meat are marinated (stained) for a few days in salt with natural spices, then smoked and dried in the space. 1. Peel the meat and cut into small cubes, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. 2. Fry the meat and onion in oil and butter and, after soaking, add the sliced ​​carrots. 3. Add the diced potatoes, bay leaf and thyme and cover with water.

Cooking recipes with pork, chicken, beef, sheep, duck. Pork with advertorial pork appetizer hot appetizer cold appetizer pepper cheese beef potatoes onions chocolate mushrooms dessert dessert dessert sweets flour meatless steak cookies lemon milk fasting food carrots eggs ovo-lacto-vegetarian pastry sweet pastry salty for winter cake fruit cake recipes-video meat recipes. in protein than sheep, rabbit meat is light Ingredients: 1 rabbit back or 2 hind legs 1 large onion 6 lightly peppered puppies. Cover the bowl or tray with aluminum foil for 1 hour. After an hour, remove the pan from the oven and add the potatoes to the juice in the pan. Cover the tray with aluminum foil. The meat drains well from the blood, is washed, dried a little in the wind (the practice requires to put half of the sheep in the pastrami, and the thighs must be cut often and to the bone, so that the salt reaches everywhere). Rub well with thyme and other spices. Sift well with salt and place in a clean bowl, preferably made of wood

Recipe Baked mutton with sheep from the Cookbook, Meat dishes. Specific Romania. How to make mutton with baked vegetables Chicken liver with homemade gnocchi. Apple tart, pandispan and mascarpone. Cream and nut cake. Duck legs with blueberry sauce. Comments. Be the first to leave a comment If you liked our recipe Small fresh mutton do not forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Meat dishes. Chicken ciulama with mushrooms. Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separated. 13 votes 0 comments. 1h 30.

The mutton is boiled in water, slightly salted, approx. 25 minutes, froth as needed. Meanwhile, the vegetables are cleaned, then finely chopped. Fry the chopped vegetables with a little oil and boiled meat juice, about 5 minutes, then add the boiled meat and strained soup, leaving to boil for about. 30 minutes on low heat. About sheep - information on It's all about sheep. Articles, pictures, games and videos about sheep and not only on Zoopedia.r Pictures of sheep's milk Here are the most relevant pictures about sheep's milk from Picture: Beckham, zero degree meeting with Sharapova. Picture: Paint in the desert. Picture: Chicken wallets with cheese. Picture: How to prepare au gratin potatoes. Picture: Shit

Pictures of sheep. The most interesting sheep breeds TARC.r

Sheep - information on It's all about sheep. Articles, pictures, games and videos about sheep and not only on Zoopedia.r Chicken salad with basil, croutons and sour cream sauce We are not consumers of mutton / lamb / ram, but the pastrami prepared this way is very good. 1. It has no smell - the spices and wine give it a special aroma 2. It is tender, just like pork or beef prepared in the oven 3. It is not very salty, especially. sheep pastrami On November 21st and 22nd you are expected at the Peasant Fair, at a new session of cooking Romanian traditional dishes, from their mother. The Bangala family will prepare bulz that at Fundata and Condriuc's from Botosani will prepare fasting sarmale with polenta. At the fair you will find traditional products [.. Meat you can buy or sell in stores, markets but also from the modern online store Price discounts of 30% on fresh sheep, veal, goat, pork and chicken Where to buy Oua Oaie pictures - pictures on All about sheep pictures. Articles, pictures, games and videos about sheep pictures and not only on Zoopedia.r

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  1. ← Pictures of puppies - Pictures of cute little animals - Pictures of various puppies. CATEGORY
  2. I was fine too. I ate mutton soup, mutton pastrami and if it was a cake I think we ate that too. The soup was marvelous, congratulations to the chefs, made to tuci to reach us. If you didn't find meat, you said it was chicken. It just had a vague smell of sheep smell :) Which in my book is very OK
  3. Put the boiled pastrami in a few pots on a grill or in a pan with lard, together with a smoked sausage and some tits (pieces of smoked bacon, cut to mice, in smaller portions). Over a hot polenta put a muzzle of butter, grate some thicker pieces of sheep's milk and put a healthy tablespoon of sour cream
  4. RECIPE PREPARATION Grilled sheep pastrami: The pastrami is thinned and put on the grill (we put it in the oven a little) after it has been seasoned beforehand. Serve hot with polenta and a glass of red wine
  5. Congratulations on St. Mary: The most beautiful pictures with pictures. September 8 is Saint Mary the Little or the Nativity of the Mother of God. On this occasion, we have prepared a series of messages, congratulations and beautiful wishes for all those who bear the name of the Holy Sea.
  6. Certainly many of the animal lovers would like them to remain forever chicks, because then they have a very special sweetness, which can sweeten your day even with a single glance. Below you will see some pictures of some sweet, very sweet animals! Deer Chickens Chickens Continue reading Pictures With animal chicks to sweeten your day
  7. ute. 3. Leave the mixture to cool for two hours of meat, while the intestines ofsheep soak in warm water

Pan-fried sheep pastrami, very tender, with white wine and

  1. I used chicken parizer but you can replace it with pork parizer, salami, ham, cabanos or any type of sausage. Or you can remove it completely from the recipe if you want to prepare the cake only with vegetables and cheese. I used only a little salt because the telemeau and olives were already salted
  2. For pet lovers I posted some pictures with sheep. Children who love pets, especially sheep, will be able to use these images for various activities. With their help and through various games, the little ones will be able to better understand the life of pets, they will be able to discover new things about animals and they will.
  3. Is your belly fomica? Howdy! Do you want to cook something and run out of ideas? Just select a recipe and press Go, then you will receive a recipe recommendation
  4. Chicken tacos, vegetable sauce and yogurt sauce from: salt, paprika, oregano, pepper, red pepper, cumin, olive oil, chicken, lemon, garlic, bell pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, parsley , skim yogurt, tortilla, feta cheese. You may also be interested in: Chicken tacos and hot peppers Chicken tacos with chili and [
  5. Vekas (Chef de cuisine), December 3, 2009. I also like grilled mutton. But, to get rid of the specific smell of sheep, I leave the meat in the milk - enough to cover the meat all night, then marinate it in wine and, before putting it on grilled, greased with mustard. It is delicious and you would not think it is mutton

Free Images: meadow, pasture, grazing, sheep, mountain sheep, flock of sheep, rams, yak, ecosystem, sheep pasture, cattle as mammal 2592x1944,82258 Collection of pictures of cats .. The collection includes over 337 pictures that can be downloaded for free The most expensive sheep in the world was sold at an auction in the Scottish city of Glasgow for £ 368,000 (€ 410,000). The six-month-old animal is of the Texel breed, originally from the Dutch island of the same name. White dogs. Here are the white dogs. Some dog breeds may have other colors, may also contain spots of other colors or small spots of various colors. It is said that those completely white dogs are special because they are reminiscent of the arctic wolf. They have a certain status and with a proper training it gives them an unstoppable elegance

3 mutton dishes, available in the self-service showcase. The Choose Sheep program integrates 93% of the Romanian sheep meat production, Coooperativa Țara Mea signing a partnership with all three federations and 10 shepherds' associations in Romania, which will deliver Romanian meat in our stores. After cooking, place on slices of eggplant (wiped from the water they left while they were salted) pieces of meat, roll them and catch them with toothpicks. Put them in a pan with oil, a little water, add salt and pepper to taste and bake for 25 minutes.

Free collection of pictures of birds. The collection includes over 596 pictures that can be downloaded for free. - This teddy bear can be personalized with two pictures. The chicken breast can be the star. Many people run away from chicken breast because it is a type of meat that dries quite quickly when cooked. But with a few tricks, you can prepare a tender and tasty grilled chicken breast. Start by tapping the chicken breast lightly, but without destroying the fibers In the meat category there are other foods, with fewer calories: Lamb, sheep (lean meat) (200 calories) Chicken drum (200 calories) Gordon Bleu chicken Sav'or (200 calories) Beef Aberdeen Angus (200 calories) Lidl Beef Hamburger (200 calories) Add a food Warning about a mistake in this food. Food categories Chicken breast in seafood tomato sauce, list of ingredients, preparation, number of calories. A quick dish with chicken breast I think is always good to add to the collection of favorite recipes. Today I recommend one with a tomato sauce flavored with garlic and basil

The mutton is cut into perfect cubes and marinated in a natural spice bait. Then it is carefully placed on bamboo skewer sticks to give you an unforgettable meal with your best friends. They can be served with baked vegetables sprinkled with olive oil and oregano. Soups, soups, borscht Romanian soup recipes, belly soup in pictures, beef soup, Radauti soup, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup chicken, chicken noodle soup, chicken dumpling soup, soup recipes, soup recipes, soup and soup recipes in pictures, meatball soup, all kinds of soup recipes, soup recipes

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A delicious Greek chicken soup recipe from: onions, carrots, parsley, tomatoes, peppers, egg yolks, chicken breast, sour cream, lemon juice and rice. Ingredients: 1 onion 2 carrots 1 parsley root 2 tomatoes 1 pepper 2 egg yolks 200 g cream 300 g chicken breast Read all »Soups and borscht: Lamb borscht with sour cream Sheep pastrami with polenta and mujdei. How is it prepared. Freshly deboned meat is sliced, shaped, peeled and evenly seasoned with a mixture of salt, pepper, hot paprika, sweet paprika and thyme. Then prepare a mujdei of 5-6 heads of garlic, diluted with white wine, with which the meat is sprinkled, the meat of the lamb sliced ​​with mastery and enriched with aromas of thyme, Romanian garlic and other natural spices is transformed into the most special sheep pastrami. It is an authentic product appreciated at the table of Romanians everywhere with polenta. The naturalness of Romanian meat is highlighted by this product that you will enjoy with great pleasure. Discover other foods that have been marked with pastrami, sheep pastrami, mutton pastrami. Add a food Warns of a mistake in this food. Food categories: Meat Eggs Dairy cheeses Cereals Vegetables Fish Seeds Fruits Fats Sweets Fast food Drinks Spices Sauces Snacks Sausages Supplements.

Sheep kebab, Petitche Recipe

Rottweiler fox terrier pup. Posted by emilio at 3:50 AM. Email This Blog! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.I posted a photo gallery with pictures of trucks for all truck and car enthusiasts Leek food with chicken A simple food, similar to Leek tongue, maybe a little simpler due to the more standard ingredient, chicken. We need a few chicken breasts or thighs (you can use any chicken), a large Chinese leek or 2-3 oltenesti, onions, garlic, a tomato, broth, oil, salt Tomato paste is put in bottles with a wide mouth , over which a finger of oil is poured. Put in a bain-marie for about 30 minutes. The healthiest tomato pasta recipe, a research topic for one of the most beloved lovers of traditional Romanian food

Video: Traditional mutton dishes

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Pictures of puppies - Pictures of cute little animals - Pictures of various puppies. Any animal, whether domestic or wild, whether it is a harmless or predatory animal, when it is a chick is very cute. Animal children are very cute and even funny some of them, they have some very sweet girls. Ten cars to avoid if you don't want to have problems with the transmission. It was once the coolest BMW M3 on the streets. Many still consider it a true work of art. He tuned his V10 car to the Liberty Walk. Pictures of his car now travel around the world. He bought it in '96, but only traveled 59 km with it. How much he wants now on the car with 8.0 liter engine and manual transmission. Details and comments picture of grazing with a sheep from the photo album Troubled Childhood. Image added by elenas. Comment, Publish / Recommend this photo

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Rooms Pui de Urs Moeciu Guesthouse. Direct contact, reservations without commission, through TURIST INFO Pictures tagged chicken chickens by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of chickens and other associated labels Grease them with oil and season with salt, thyme and rosemary. Leave the flavors in the meat for about 30 minutes. Heat the oil in a pan, add the meat and brown well on both sides (about 4-5 minutes on each side) until it gets a beautiful golden color. Dog Breed Pictures, Big Dog Pictures, Dog Pictures, Pictures with Small Dogs, Husky Puppy Dog Pictures, Puppy Shepherd Dog Pictures, Labrado Wolf Puppy Dog Pictures People have developed a language through which they warn and thank each other with the help of car lights. The meaning of coded language. About emergency lights Right signal means you can overtake. If the car in front of you is going very slowly, the driver, aware that it is holding you in place, urges you to overtake

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Potato recipes: New potatoes with salmon and sour cream sauce Tortilla with green peppers and pickled tomatoes Lazy meatballs with baked potatoes Chicken with green onion vinaigrette and baked potatoes with telemea 1,830 recipes, 37,321 comments and 54,081 votes Potato food 203 recipes: Food Baked Chicken with Potatoes., Spicy Potato Food with Celery - Fasting, Potato Food with Sausages, Fasting Potato Food, Pea Food with Potatoes and Pork, Potato Food, Food ..

Potato recipes

  1. Maria 10 years ago - December 3, 2009 5:48 PM. Re: Potato stew. Hi, I recently moved to Germany and I try to cook Romanian with the ingredients here. It is often more complicated but I learned to replace the ingredients and cook with what I have at home from my mother.
  2. or until the fork enters the potatoes easily. Add the chopped tomatoes in the broth as small as possible, followed by salt and pepper and leave the food on the fire for another 5
  3. In the end, the potato food looks like this: creamy and with pieces of potatoes in it. I like it with sauce more Serving potato food recipe for stew or paprika fasting. I really like this potato dish because it is very tasty, cheap and can be easily reheated in the coming days. That's why I make quantities.

Baked chicken breasts with potatoes Posted by: CameliaComan in Chicken There is nothing more delicious and easy to prepare than this recipe especially when you don't have much time to waste in the kitchen Potato stew with chicken breast # Recipe 5. Recipe from mioara_milea. Ingredients potato stew with chicken breast. 2 onions, 2 peppers, 3 potatoes, broth, salt, pepper, parsley and a chicken breast. Method of cooking potato stew with chicken breast. Put the oil in a saucepan and fry the onion and pepper together with the diced breast. Many Recipes Video Watched ..

4. Normally, some potato cubes with a side of about 3-4 cm should boil well, over medium heat, in about 20 minutes. After 16-17 minutes, if the potatoes have already boiled but the food still seems too liquid, remove 2 tablespoons of boiled potatoes from the juice 2. New gratinated potatoes 3. Chicken stew with vegetables and new potato wrap 4. New potato salad with mustard 5. New potatoes with baked bacon 6. Hot new potato salad with baby spinach and ham 7. New potatoes with herbs and white sauce 8. New potatoes with baked peanut butter and rosemary 9. Hot new potato salad 10 Stew with onion or potato dish with ground meat and tasty sauce. Potato paprika with minced pork or beef. Recipes with minced meat. Potato recipes. I made this wonderful dish of minced meat with potatoes on a day when I really did not feel like meatballs, stuffed peppers, moussaka or pasta (lasagna) From 4 ingredients and spices you make a super delicious dish, colorful and in first of all, extremely healthy, baked pumpkin and tomatoes. Easy to cook and faster to eat, the dish is perfect for any time of year when we want to eat full, but easy chicken ostropel. chicken food with dill. stew of pipote and hearts. cauliflower food with chicken. summer cabbage with chicken. pea dish with chicken. pumpkin food with chicken. chicken food with chicken. chicken stew. chicken breast with sour cream and tarragon. spaghetti with chicken sauce. pasta with chicken, asparagus and goat cheese. pasta with sauce.

The potato nutmeg recipe is very popular and loved by Romanians. We have known it since childhood when our mothers or grandmothers prepared it for us. It is that satiating and gummy dish that kept us hungry all day. I admit that as a child I did not like it. My mother used to bite us quite often, and I always found reasons not to eat it If you liked our recipe Aries stew with potatoes don't forget to review it. After you have finished cooking, take a few minutes and arrange your hair like in a salon with personal care products from BaByliss Potato Pudding with Pumpkin. see recipe. Pan-fried potato tart. see recipe. New potatoes with butter and dill. see recipe. New baked potatoes with butter. Collection recipes. The latest recipes. Snickers cake. more . Pickles. more . Fish paste

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  • Cooking recipe POTATO FOOD from the category Foods with vegetables. With Romanian specifics. How to make POTATO FOOD
  • Bame ingredient withPotatoes. 400 of grams of frozen oats or 500 of grams of fresh oats 4 potatoes medium 2 onions medium 2 puppies of garlic 1 large tomato or 2 medium 2 tbsp of concentrated broth of tomatoes 3 tbsp of oil of olive salt, pepper, 30 of ml. of vinegar, chopped green parsley Mod of prepare mothers withpotatoes Bamelo preparation
  • Potato pudding with cheese is a quick dish, ideal for times when you do not have much time for a more elaborate meal. In addition, it is very tasty and one of the favorite recipes of the family. Usually, the ingredients are available to everyone, so you definitely have cheese, eggs, cheese or potatoes in the fridge.
  • LENT RECIPES WITH POTATOES: recipes for stews, food, salads, baked or pan-fried potatoes - recipes that can inspire you to cook tasty and healthy. Fasting food can be tasty and savory, and its preparation does not require complicated ingredients. Fasting recipes with potatoes are simple, fast, economical, healthy, colorful and can combine a lot of ingredients.
  • That's why we have prepared for you a list of the most successful recipes with new potatoes. Don't be afraid to experiment: you will get real delights. Our team appreciated each of these dishes. 1. BOILED POTATOES WITH DILL Ingredients: -1-1.5 kg
  • Prepare these macaroni and potatoes once and you will surely repeat the recipe! Ingredients 250 g macaroni (without egg) 500 g potatoes 2-3 onions oil 1 teaspoon paprika paprika salt pipe
  • until they are browned, turning them in half

POTATOES WITH CHEESE AND OVEN IN THE OVEN How many times has it occurred to me to think: what else to cook today? It is not easy to be a housewife and manage to. Potato bite with baked minced meat, a tasty and filling food, easy to prepare ready in 30-40 minutes. Serve with sour cream or pickles in vinegar. Potato Nutmeg Recipe Ingredients You can cook delicious, interesting, colorful and very healthy fasting dishes - you just need the right recipe! See below fasting dishes with potatoes, fasting dishes with mushrooms or fasting dishes with vegetables of all kinds - spinach, chickpeas, lentils, meatballs, etc. Here are the tastiest recipes for potato dishes, very easy to prepare! quick recipes Delicious purple potato food recipes. by Madalina Moraru. Thursday, June 21, 2018. Enjoy a light meal: potato dish with chicken. by Ana Maria Stroe. Friday, 03.08.2018. Fasting recipe: Potato soup. . See here Steak recipes for all tastes. They are delicious, fragrant, with a crispy crust and a soft, creamy core

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  1. in salt water. Boil the potatoes in their skins, peel and cut into slices. Grease a pan with oil and put the potatoes and cauliflower in layers, taking care that the last layer is cauliflower. Put salt and pepper between the layers
  2. Fasting recipes Gluten-free recipes Slow Cooking Canned fruit Sauces Bakery products Soups and broths Canned and pickled Salads Sweets Appetizers Butter Baby food Food Wine drinks Cocktails Cocktails Non-alcoholic cocktails Liqueurs Punch Syrups Smoothies & Milkshakes and Vegetables Newest Teas.
  3. Potato food - Simple and quick recipe with smoked sausages Potato food, the most beloved Romanian food. Potato food is one of the most beloved Romanian recipes. Even if it is hot or cold outside, a potato dish is always more than welcome
  4. Recipe Potato Food with Olives from the Cookbook, Foods with vegetables. Specific Romania. How to Make Potato Meal with Olive
  5. This leek dish with potatoes is a simple and tasty food that we can prepare during Lent. It is prepared easily and quickly, with few ingredients and can be served for lunch or dinner. When there is no fasting period, this leek dish with potatoes can be served as a side dish, along with meatballs, sausages or steak. . This leek dish with potatoes.

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  • I know we stopped in a small town in Transylvania, broken.
  • you and finely chopped, 1 handful of coriander, finely chopped, 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger, ½ teaspoon garam masala, 1 teaspoon turmeric knife and ½ teaspoon cumin
  • It is a food that is easy to cook and you can serve it with a vegetable salad at any time or pickles in winter. In the category of Fasting Recipes you will find other recipes that may be to your liking. Ingredients Fasting potato dish: 500-600 g potatoes 2 pieces onion (or 1 large onion) 4-5 pieces tomatoes 1 bell pepper 2 cloves garlic 100.

Potato food recipe for stew or paprika fasting

  • One more food where I can't point to a firm source - it would be great, along the way we learn something new about simple food ofpotatoes. Yes, yes - I think I would say that it is one of the most popular foods here in Romania, in Moldova and of course in Russia and Ukraine (these are the countries whose foods I know how to say well). Everyone has their little tricks, here in this recipe I say that.
  • I make this dish without potatoes, I rather put a grated or sliced ​​carrot, but this is my mother's recipe, she does it with potatoes. I don't know what came to me last night when I did it, I completely forgot about carrots and almost without realizing it, I woke up that I had already cleaned and diced the potato and was getting ready.
  • Boiled potato recipes. Here you will find recipes with boiled potatoes that will not affect your budget and that will be more than friendly with your health and that of your family. Try the best recipes with boiled potatoes and prepare today a delicious puree or baked potatoes
  • Sweet Potato Recipes 1. Cream of sweet potato soup with ginger and gluten-free crackers. If you don't like sweet potatoes yet, then this sweet potato cream soup with ginger and gluten-free crackers will definitely help you start your journey in the world of sweet potatoes.
  • Eating potatoes with olives is a simple and very delicious fasting food. We clean and wash the potatoes. We clean and wash the rest of the vegetables, peppers, onions, carrots, celery and tomatoes. Cut the potatoes into suitable cubes.
  • This Greek dish of potatoes and fasting pumpkin is served hot, possibly with a salad of your choice. Extrasfat: half the amount of pumpkin can be replaced with eggplant. If you like my recipe, Greek fasting potato and pumpkin food, feel free to leave me a comment on the blog
  • VEGETABLE EATING RECIPES. Peppers stuffed with mushrooms and rice (fasting) Broccoli pudding with potatoes

You may also be interested in: peasant potatoes with bacon, cauldron food, fasting food with sauerkraut, light chicken recipes, ghebe food, chicken breast with sour cream and cauliflower, sour chicken soup, baked potatoes, potatoes, pu Recipes Potato food with chicken Potato food with chicken. bookmark_border Main course people6 access_time30 - 60 minutes Medium. For a family lunch, try the recipe for eating chicken potatoes. Ingredient. 7 potatoes 700g chicken pulp (boneless) 2 onions 2 carrots 1 bunch of parsley. . On cold autumn or winter evenings, I always make baked potatoes. Like grandparents. I fill the oven with potatoes and the house smells good, then we all gather around the table and debug memories between Sundays

Baked potatoes recipes: baked potatoes

  • Cost of ingredients for 6-7 servings: 19 Lei Ingredients: 100 g sugar for cream, 80 g sugar for caramel, 200 ml whipped cream ..
  • Fast food with egg and potatoes by Amalia on March 18, 2009 May 13, 2019 in Vegetable dishes It is an easy way that we can prepare it when we are in a hurry and we don't have much in the fridge (this happens to me quite often :)) )
  • The best traditional Romanian recipes from around the world. These are the recipes that everyone is looking for
  • Potato Food Recipe from Cookbook, Meat Dishes. Specific Romania. How to Make Potato Food
  • For fasting days I recommend this recipe for eating potatoes with fasting peas, fast and economical, but very tasty. Easy to prepare and very filling, we can prepare it during Lent. In the rest of the days we can prepare it together with pork, chicken, sausages, ribs or any other combination we prefer.
  • You need. 500 g pork 4 large potatoes 100 g green peas 1 large onion 5-6 small onions 2 cloves garlic 150 ml clear vegetable soup 2 tablespoons oil thyme rosemary green parsley salt pepper 100 ml broth. Find out how to prepare pork with potatoes on Discover the meat pie recipe.
  • Baked potatoes drizzled with bacon and bacon. Baked potatoes drizzled with bacon and bacon, one of the best baked potato recipes. Let your mouth water instantly! And no, that's not a euphemism for something else

Potato stew

Cooking recipes: Potato food - stewed food recipes Recipe for a very appetizing potato dish. It can also be served with sour cream. traditional Romanian food recipe, goulash recipe, stew recipe, vegetable food, culinary recipe with vegetables, vegetable pots, fasting food, vegetable stew Main dishes # food # potatoes # recipes # fasting recipes Potato food Potato food Food Potato is easy to prepare and very tasty. It can be prepared both during fasting and the rest of the day, as a light and delicious food. Potato salad with yogurt is wonderful when you do not know what to cook. Everyone has potatoes in the house, so it's very easy to prepare, especially since we can customize it as you wish. We really like potatoes, especially me. I have loved it since I was a child and I never refuse potatoes, no matter how they are cooked. Also, when you serve this dessert of purple potatoes, you can decorate it with pieces of walnuts, raisins or chopped hazelnuts. In what dishes will you use the original purple potatoes to surprise those you love? Photo source:,,,


  1. Prepare delicious, appetizing and filling dishes with potatoes: the famous French gratin, Italian potato pudding with chicken and mushrooms, Indian-style potatoes or potato dumplings and fried onions. 1. POTATO GRATE Ingredients: -1.5 kg of potatoes -150 g of cheese -600 ml of cream for cooking -4 cloves of garlic -2 tablespoons.
  2. Vegetable food with diet sauce Add to favorites oil and finely chopped greens, according to preference. - 500-700 g vegetables: zucchini, potatoes, carrots, goulash, cauliflower, spinach, etc., 25 g flour, 30 g butter or.
  3. a. It's not a recipe I've known for years, but I discovered it in one of my books with traditional Greek recipes that I bought last year.
  4. Green beans with potatoes and tomato sauce or in Greek fasolakia me patates jiachni, is a typical Greek vegetarian food, healthy and tasty. It seems to be a Theban version of the Greek green bean recipe with potatoes and tomato sauce. The recipe combines green beans with onions, tomatoes
  5. Culinary recipes: Potato souffle with milk - appetizer recipes Potato soufflé is easy to make and at the same time an exceptional food. Serve immediately, hot. vegetable food, vegetable recipe, vegetable pots, fasting food, vegetable stew
  6. Posted by Postolache Violeta on March 18, 2016 in recipes with potatoes recipes with chickpeas fasting recipes stew recipes | Comments: 1 Because in fasting we need protein I recommend chickpea stew with potatoes because it is delicious and because chickpeas are an important source of protein

There are hundreds of goulash recipes, all kinds of variants, one tastier than the other, with dumplings, without dumplings, with potatoes, without potatoes, with beef, pork or lamb, and today I stopped at an absolutely delicious version, goulash pork with potatoes! Goulash is actually a Hungarian soup or stew and is usually made with beef, but I have. Fasting recipes: Vegetable meatballs with baked potatoes, for a delicious and filling lunch Even if we replace meat with vegetables, in the case of meatballs, the taste will be just as good. So, if you are a fan of meatballs, try this recipe for meatballs with vegetables and you will not regret it. temptation to buy it, especially if he already has in mind, the recipe that he is going to prepare personally, to the delight and lust of his family members, willing to sacrifice to enjoy the gastronomic wonders to be put on the table 1 kg potatoes, four large onions (preferably red), two cloves of garlic, oil, salt, pepper, a bay leaf, dried thyme. Preparation: Peel the potatoes and boil them cut into suitable pieces, over low heat, in a pot with a lid. Separately, in a bowl with a thick bottom (a pot of tuci is ideal), heat the onion, cut larger

Delicious potato dish with olives. Fasting recipes, Meals 1 kg potatoes, I put whites, they are sweeter 2 tomatoes 2 bell peppers 2 onions 1 celery 1 carrot 100 gr black olives 100 ml tomato juice salt green parsley 3 tablespoons oil Simple recipes / Turkish recipes Food Spinach with YOGHURT - BORANI. September 21, 2020. Turkish Food / Recipes Alinazik's Recipe. September 4, 2020. Simple recipes / Turkish recipes Spanish potato omelette. See other Breakfast. The simplest recipes. Spinach food with YOGHURT - BORANI. Suberek's recipe. Chicken parizer. Preparation of Meat Potato Meal - Papricas: The meat is portioned (not only must it be lean meat, it can also be with bone), it is washed and drained. Heat the oil in a bowl and heat the onion and pepper cut into larger cubes with a pinch of salt to soften faster. Potato dishes are the most popular in Romanian cuisine, because they can be seasoned with a variety of other ingredients, they are tasty, Satisfying and cheap.For today, a fasting recipe: Eat potatoes with green onions and green garlic

Pilaf with chicken and vegetables, classic recipe, a pilaf with grain, tasty and aromatic. POTATO MEAT WITH CHICKEN MEAT 1 I don't know how. Rating: 5 - 2 reviews - 1 hour 5 min. Pepper stew with tomatoes and beef in the recipe book. I was telling you last week that I have. Ingredients: 500 g chicken breast, 4 Preparations Grated potatoes with onions Wash the peeled potatoes well and put them to boil in a bowl with a little salt water. After the potatoes have boiled, drain the water from the bowl and let them cool a bit, so that you can then remove the peel. We put the potatoes on the large grater. Put a pan with a little oil on the fire and when the oil has heated up.

.5 kg (if it is bigger you have to cut it into pieces, so you can't cook it whole, because it won't fit in the jar), 1 white onion, 2 garlic cloves, 2 peppers, 2-3 tomatoes (depending on how much are large), 1 cup of broth, 1,200 kg of potatoes, 1 glass of white wine, salt, pepper, fish spices, oil. Potato recipes that contain recipes such as: potato soup, French fries, potato mousse, potato stew, potato food, baked potatoes, peasant potatoes and other culinary recipes

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Preparation for the recipe Lentil food with potatoes (fasting recipe): Chop the onions and the small pepper, blanch it through the large grater and the carrot through the small one. Saute onions and garlic, then add peppers and finally add carrots Ingredients for potatoes with pork - 6 slices of pork chop - 1 teaspoon paprika - 3 green onions - 6-7 large new potatoes or 700 grams of new potatoes - 3-4 tomatoes or broth - 1 bell pepper - salt, pepper - 3-4 tablespoons of oil - parsley leaves Potato stew (fasting food). Anyone who has ever fasted has definitely opted for potato stew, extremely suitable in fasting, but. The potato stew I made today is one of my recipes. Fasting food - money recipes You will be wondering why this food and not something based on fish? The answer is simple: it doesn't really catch on or we're tired of fish and we want something else! So we prepare: 1 canned beef, 6-7 potatoes, 2 tomatoes, oil, salt, pepper, greens. Cut the potatoes into 1 cm thick slices and boil in water with a little salt

Put the potatoes cut into round slices, chopped garlic, a little salt and 1 tablespoon of flour (sprinkled over cabbage and potatoes). Put 1 cup of hot water or vegetable soup in the food, put the pan in the oven or on the stove and cook for 1/2 hour with the pot covered. The food is served hot, with bread or polenta, a very detailed recipe useful for beginners and not only Homemade bread with potatoes - Recipes from A to Z Popular searches: recipes with eggplant - salmon - cozona

What else to cook with new potatoes - the best 15 recipes

Ingredients: 3 sweet potatoes, olive oil, coarse salt, 150 ml sour cream, 8 cloves garlic, Parmesan. Preparation: Peel the potatoes and cut them. Season them with black pepper, salt and oregano. Pour a little olive oil over the potatoes and mix well to cover them evenly. Wallpaper the oven tray with baking paper. Preparation Potato stew with soy. Finely chop the onion and fry it in oil, then add the diced potatoes. Cover the potatoes with water and simmer for 20 minutes. During this time, in a saucepan, soak the soybeans in hot water for 10 minutes, then boil them for about 7-8 minutes. Potato mash with minced pork. Beat the eggs and mix them with the sour cream and grated cheese. Season with salt and set aside. We move on to the formation of the layers and we need a greased tray. Place the first row of sliced ​​boiled potatoes

Minced meat with potatoes, onions and garlic - the recipe for

Chicken breast with sweet potatoes. I recommend you to choose this healthy food recipe especially for the post-workout meal. Chicken breast contains the proteins needed to restore muscle mass. On the other hand, the sweet potato contains complex carbohydrates. For today I thought of writing another recipe with duck meat. Previously, I wrote other recipes, especially from the wide category of steaks - duck legs with french fries and seasonal salads or duck leg with vegetables, on the tray or duck legs with baked potatoes or duck with oranges or duck breast with beaten nettles We invite you to watch below the video recipe pork soup with potatoes: Ingredients: Pork 1 Kg Potatoes 6 pcs Fat cream 24% 500 g Carrots 4 pcs Red / yellow bell pepper 1 pcs White onion 2 pcs Red onion 2 pcs Lemon juice 1 pcs Celery 1/4 pcs Parsley root 1 [Pea dish with potatoes from: peas, oil, green onions, new potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green dill, salt. Ingredients: 600 g peas 2-3 tablespoons oil 2 bunches green onions 1/2 kg new potatoes 2 carrots 3-4 tomatoes green dill salt Preparation: Finely chop the onion and cut the carrot into rounds and fry [Food Recipe of potatoes. Find out here how to prepare potato food! SIMILAR RECIPES Easter with tomato sauce and meatballs. September 5, 2020 | 0 Comments. VIDEO: Spicy chicken breast packs. August 25, 2020 | 0 Comments. Potato mash with minced meat and tomato sauce (moussaka / musakka) May 29, 2020 | 0.

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Of you can also add parsley. Do not forget of leaf of laurel and of dust of the paprika that has to boil together with potatoes - they are the ones that make a wonderful, fragrant stew of potatoes, perfect on a cold day of Winter. Ingredient. 1.5 kg potatoes peel. 1 red pepper. 1 carrot. 1 onion. 1 teaspoon of powder. Potato Starch Recipes. Chicken with vegetables. Lemon check. Check puffs. Chicken Chow Mein. ROmedic presents you with over 10,000 private offices and clinics at your disposal with services that cover the entire range of medical specialties. Mushroom food with tomatoes bookmark_border Main course people 4 access_time & lt60min Environment A light, tasty and handy mushroom dish, especially when looking for fasting recipe ideas


Baked pepper food. Casserole with chicken (1) Casserole with chicken (2) Pork steak with sauce. Pork tenderloin with baked potatoes and sour cream sauce. Dill food. Fasting meatballs. Cabbage in Cluj. Cauliflower monastery soup - For fasting periods there are recipes without the * sweet * ingredients, but with a rich one. Potato stew with dumplings is a simple and cheap recipe. A quick lunch when we don't have much time available but full even if it is a meatless dish, this stew can be served with a simple sweet cabbage salad that we can prepare while the food is on the fire. with your pediatrician before introducing the sweet potato, because he will explain in detail what other foods are allowed in the baby's diet, after you have started diversifying for some time. Here are some recipes with sweet potatoes for your baby: Carrot puree and sweet potatoes for babies. Ingredient: 1-2 potatoes. New potato dish with green peas Ingredients: 1 kg new potatoes 1/2 kg green peas 1 bunch green onion 1 cup rice 50-100 ml oil 1 tablespoon sour cream 1 bunch green parsley Preparation: Peel the potatoes first and leave them in cold water until clean and chop onion finely Recipe Celery dish with potatoes from the Cookbook, Vegetable and vegetable dishes. How to make Celery food with potatoes

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I don't suffer because of madness, I take advantage of it every moment.

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Floricica, as I suspected, was the chef's invention with what he had at hand that day. You may not find it next time, maybe you're lucky and just repeat it. But if you go to Cuba, look for the following in the menu:

Roast pork leg / Creole pork chops (pork or antricot meat)

Picadillo(minced beef and pork with raisins, green olives, broth, onions, garlic, wine, etc.)

Old clothes (beef)

Shrimp enchilados (sauteed shrimp with bell pepper, parsley, wine, tomato sauce)

Creole chicken(Creole style chicken)

Roasted piglet(roasted piglet)

These are Cuban specialties as a side dish:

Moors and Christians or Congregation(black bean rice) ripe bananas,(fried bananas, delicious) cassava, (ideal with pork steak)black beans (they are usually made as a side dish, but they also appear in the menu and in soups)

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Offers products and services: pea flowers. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers - Acana Adult Large Waist 18kg, Acana Lamb and Apples 2.27kg, Acana Lamb and Food tagged food by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images with food and other tags associated with them Downloads Pictures: petal, pink, flower, plant, artificial flower, cut flowers, branch, flowering plant, tulip, bouquet, sweet peas, font, vegetable stem. Pasta with asparagus and pumpkin flowers. pea recipes For dinner we offer you a unique recipe, but very tasty pasta with asparagus and pumpkin flowers. This food is good-looking, and with its help you can claim the common daily recipes

Pea Flowers Posted by Lia ____at Flowers, Garden flowers, Garden, Peas - Pisum sativum, Pictures, Fruits, Summer. No comments: alternative office suite - libreOffice is a suite of office applications similar to Microsoft Office that can open documents created with the Microsoft suite. libreOffice .. Mustard sauce - 2 recipes for mustard sauce 02/08/2018 by Teo 2 comments Although I did not have a summer this year in the true sense of the word, but more a prolonged autumn, it seems that now, in August , [Pumpkin flowers are a typical Italian snack and are particularly tasty. Although I have always had pumpkin in the country, only this year I prepared pumpkin flowers for the first time, and I will definitely do it from now on because they were very good. Find images with Bouquet Of Flowers. Free for commercial use No attribution required No copyright

Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu offers step-by-step recipes with photos and video recipes, for a sure success. It is a cheap, simple and quick recipe, a good garnish for any kind of meat or fish. Written recipe and step-by-step video Sweet peas This annual climber has winged stems and delicious, fragrant, stifled flowers. There are many varieties with different colors (solid, mixed or bicolor), the size and climbing habits Beef skewers with salad and green peas. sweet wine Prepare for dinner a delicious and very healthy food: beef skewers with salad and green peas. They are quick and easy to prepare and are delicious

. Sweet peas are also served in Asian cuisine, prepared in a similar way. Everyone knows how to make a mashed potato, even if you say the word mashed potatoes, that's just what you're thinking. But how underestimated is the pea puree recipe - quick, simple and a delicate, fine and tasty garnish comes out - even Sofia eats with great pleasure. In the fasting version, heat only a little onion with oil and omit the butter

Pictures of flowers. 2,266 likes · 2 talking about this. Compan Sweet tagged pictures by members of the Family Photo Album community. View the images with sweets and other labels associated with them Extinguish with boiled water, add pepper, salt and leave on the fire. After they have boiled a little, we add the peas and at the end the tomatoes. Put it in the oven to reduce and at the end add the tomato paste and dill. If you want a sweeter meal, if the peas are not sweet enough you can add a little sugar

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  1. We have been market leaders for over 5 years, with services recognized and appreciated by all our clients. Call us to beautify the life of a friend, relative or business partner with a bouquet of fresh flowers, accompanied by a sweet surprise
  2. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a herbaceous, perennial plant common in southern Europe and the Orient, whose sweet-bitter taste is one of the oldest spices used to flavor sweets and beverages.
  3. get flowers and vegetables, and flower bulbs, earth and Jiffy pills
  4. ute.The ingredients are for 3-4 servings, follow my recipe for the soup to succeed, and if you are not fasting then you can serve it with yogurt giving it a taste
  5. Long-lasting sweet peas do not differ from the richness of colors. Most often it is pink or purple flowers, collected in a brush. A large number of strong movements reach two meters and require strong support of the mesh, so that the plant grows and grows freely
  6. Almond cake and soy milk from: ground almonds, flour, baking powder, salt, brown sugar, corn oil, soy milk, lemon, orange blossom water, vanilla essence. You may also be interested in: Cake with plum jam, vanilla and cinnamon Delicious cake with vanilla, cherries and whipped cream Blueberry cake [

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  • The lot is: 88% For large quantities the price is negotiable
  • Pre-winter sowing: from mid-October to mid-November - until the soil is frozen. 100 gr - 5.99 Spring sowing: from the end of February to the middle of March. Sowing is done in rows at a distance of 15 cm between rows and 5 cm per row. Technical specificationsDeep 6-7 cm (pre-winter) 3-4 cm - spring Consumption destination in.
  • Stur's pea, swainsona formosa, or pea of dessert, is a striking member of the family Fabaceae. It is the flower of state of Australia of South, and is highly sought after as a plant ofFLORA cut. It is an endemic plant to the Australian mainland and occurs in arid inland regions with rare annual rainfall. Its period of flowering has.
  • This soup is prepared very quickly, it is very sweet and tasty. - Recipe Main course: Pea soup with dumplings by Adi`s blo

Over 2391 pictures of flowers. Pictures of flowers Orchid laelia purpurat Fasting food or sweets, apple tarts, pea or potato dish, all are presented with detailed pictures for each step. Salad soup, try it is very tasty and filling and brings a change in the fasting menu. I made this pea puree many times, as a side dish with steaks. I also made it next to a whole stuffed turkey - the recipe here. Pea puree successfully replaces the classic mashed potatoes (recipe here) or the more modern parsnip puree with butter and parmesan (recipe here). Peas may seem neutral in taste but have a special freshness. Today I am writing the recipe with tomato sauce, because I, as a Moldovan, first thought about this recipe. Other times I write other recipes with peas: with sour cream, with pancetta and corn, pasta and much more. Ingredients for 10.

What do you think of a pea dish? Peas have many vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates The phenophases (phenological stages influence of meteorological factors on vegetative development and plant reproduction) of vines during a year (annual biological cycle). Currently, the most used encodings for phenophases are performed according to BBCH - scale. The BBCH system (decimal code from 00-100) has led to a standardization of all systems created. Sweet peas-Pisum sativum, is a variety similar to ordinary peas, fully edible, along with the stem and fruit still unripe, 100 g of sweet peas - 42 Kcal.

So today at noon we warmed up with a pea cream with tarragon, the new recipe that was required to be tested. We need: a large chopped onion. a cube of butter. 1L vegetable soup. 600g peas. 2 tablespoons tarragon. 150 ml sour cream for cooking. salt pepper The creator of men's shirts, Flori Ianina, the only woman who gave a child to Radu Mazărea told, on Monday, for Acces Direct how the mayor of Constanța conquered her

FLOWER MESSAGES. Flower Sunday is a Christian holiday without an exact date, always celebrated on the last Sunday before Easter. Almost 1.5 million Romanians bear the name of a flower, send a message, a text message or a wish to their loved ones on the occasion of the name day. REALITATEA.NET gives you some suggestions for messages, sms and wishes for Flowers You can cook food of delicious, interesting, colorful and very healthy post - you just need the right recipe! See food below of post with potatoes, food of post with mushrooms or food of post with vegetables of all kinds - spinach, chickpeas, lentils, meatballs of post, etc. Re: Pea dish with chicken. Flowers, you can make it without flour, and let the tomatoes drop well until they look like a sauce. the disadvantage is that you will have less sauce and the taste of tomatoes will be more intense. I wrote down to make a flour-free version. when ready, I post it 800 g frozen peas 600 g pork a onion a carrot 200 ml tomato juice a tablespoon pepper paste a bay leaf a tablespoon flour paprika sweet salt pepper green dill & ltbr / & gt & ltbr / & gt A delicious dish which I really like. I washed the meat well and portioned it. I cleaned the carrots and onions, washed them and cut them into cubes. We would like to inform you that we have updated our policies with the latest amendments proposed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

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Method of preparation. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cook for about 20-25 minutes on steam, along with peas and spinach, then blend with a teaspoon of inactive yeast flakes. Depending on the desired consistency, you can keep a little water from the vegetables. Bon Turta Casa Turta Dulce is located in Busteni, near Cantacuzino Castle and the Howling Waterfall. , offers as a gift the sweetest and most appetizing bouquets. Chocolate, candy, Kinder eggs and marzipan roses can all form the sweetest bouquets that we will deliver directly to your girlfriend's door. Order now chocolate bouquets, sweet bouquets online, sweet and tasty bouquets, bouquets of chocolates The fruit is a dehiscent pod, with 3-7 globular seeds, smooth, yellow, greenish or brown. After fertilization, the seeds are formed from the eggs. The integuments of the egg are transformed into the skin of the seed, from the egg cell the embryo develops, and from the secondary cell the endosperm is formed, a tissue with substances. We have so many flowers that it is difficult to choose the most beautiful in the world. However, I dared and made a top 30 of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Here's what came out 30. Gerbera. Gerbera is one of the most colorful flowers. We can find it in shades of red, yellow, pink, green or orange

0730-644. 8 foods that spoil a sex game! Beans / peas - and other such foods that cause bloating that could, through a logical series of events, cause not very exciting noises at inopportune moments. sex escorts with naked pictures. On this site you can find sex escorts with naked pictures. This sweet cheese cake can be served for breakfast or dinner, but it is the most popular as a dessert. Kunefe is filled with soft cheese, and in the last few minutes of cooking, pour over a syrup infused with orange blossoms. Garnished with chopped pistachios, this sweet dessert is unique and very nutritious. 4 Yesterday, between two gusts of rain with clumps, I managed to gather the first pea crop. Tomorrow is on the menu in a place of honor, cooked with green onions and dill and fresh carrots and some artichokes from the garden. Speaking of engineering, they grew so tall that they outperformed the lemon. Peas come in three varieties: English peas, peas and sweet peas. Peas grow as twining vines up to 6 meters tall, although there are some sweet sweet peas that grow to only 24 centimeters. Peas and dandruff are edible. Sweet peas are not edible, but are grown for their fragrant, colorful flowers. 12-06-2020, Coloring Images With Apple Blossoms

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Pea food with spicy sausages, recipe with pictures and steps to follow. Because, we are in the middle of the pea season, I propose a tasty recipe for pea food with spicy sausages. It is a simple, sweet recipe with a smoky aroma, thanks to the spicy sausages, which I used. Not only green peas, [If you want a hearty and fasting meal you got where you need to go, green peas with broth sauce is a solution available to everyone. The recipe belongs to my mother, very, very good and it's ready in a few minutes. Ingredients: 8 servings - a bag of frozen green peas (1 kg), 3 onions, 2 large carrots, 400 g broth (tomato juice), a few bay leaves, salt, pepper, 4-5 tablespoons flour, a little oil .

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  • I don't need jewelry, flowers or chocolate. Your presence, sweet and gentle, fills me with happiness. I love you, simple, but so true !. Pictures of Love Messages Love
  • Fortunately, there are enough flowers for alkaline soil to choose from to create an ideal flower garden at pH levels above 7. Sweet peas. Sweet pea flowers (Lathyrus odoratus) are cool annual plants that prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil with a pH of 7.0 to 7.5
  • Something sweet - Casa cu Flori, Restaurant and catering - Giurgiu - Complete catering services, home deliveries and the possibility to choose one of the delicious dishes prepared by us, why choose us.

Official name: Portulaca grandiflora Popular name: stone flowers Annual plant with a height of 10 - 20 cm. Prefers arid, stony, sunny soils. The variously colored flowers open only in the sun. Use: rounds, rocks, planters. The envelope contains 0.4 g of seeds Flower cakes, order only here gorgeous flower cakes, special for the holidays of the day! Flower cakes are surprising floral arrangements, which certainly no one would have expected.. The flower cake is a floral arrangement made on wet treated floral sponge, which determines a much longer life of the flowers.

In our product portfolio we include professional seeds of flowers and vegetables of the best quality, as well as other things useful for growing these plants: garden tools, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.. We also offer advice to all farmers on how to plant and care for each seed variety, for competitive results. Pictures of Love Messages:: Monday, February 23, 2009 I do not need jewelry, flowers or chocolate. Your presence, sweet and gentle, fills me with happiness About peas on Garbo. Articles about peas on Garbo: Difficulty: low Ingredients: 150 g of fresh mushrooms 250 g peas 1 onion salt pepper oil Way A fragrant, sweet and special jam can be made when the jasmine flowers have bloomed and are beautifully fragrant. Fresh flowers are collected, with a tail, but only the petals can be used for those who have the patience to open them from the petiole, in my opinion it is better the jam from the flowers with the petals and the pollen and the pistil, the petiole all together, because the smell and sweetness that's where Corina Elena Mazare is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to connect with Corina Elena Mazare and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate.

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  1. you garden peas Bordi, Agrosel 25kg available at Covera. Buy It
  2. The spacious courtyard of about 5000 square meters, the spacious fully equipped gazebo, the terrace, and the flowered balconies create a pleasant ambiance. The mountain architecture, which combines elements of solid wood and stone, the clean mountain air and the surroundings make this guesthouse a perfect location for rest, in privacy.
  3. ute, the snack is ready. New Year's appetizers. 3. Meat pies. New Year's appetizers

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  • Cooked food - Casa cu Flori, Restaurant and catering - Giurgiu - Complete catering services, home delivery and the possibility to choose one of the delicious dishes prepared by us, why choose us.
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  • When choosing wedding flowers with a strong scent, first check the size of the wedding location, so that the smell of the flowers harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. If you get married in a place open to the sea, or in a garden, you can afford to choose wedding flowers with wild scent
  • Ornamental houseplants - decorate any common corner of the house and have beneficial effects, purify the air, ensure a more restful and restful sleep, but also a general state of well-being. Order decorative houseplants with large and spectacular leaves, or delicate and elegant houseplants, and we ensure home delivery as soon as possible.

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A sweet autumn in bouquets of colorful flowers - Duration: 1:01. bouquets of white roses pictures of white flowers and butterflies wallpaper desktop - Duration: 3:04. Adrian Ciobanu 35,795 views Cabbage soup like in Transylvania, as my grandmother used to do, is one of the best in the world. I tend to think that the culprit for this perception is not only the fact that it reminds me of my childhood (on top of that, at that time I liked few foods and cabbage soup was one of them). Social / Romans. The daily rush for survival makes many of us forget about our less fortunate peers. But there are also Romanians who dedicate their lives to the most afflicted, people who live to help others. We called them Corner Flowers Recipe articles with pictures written by dannysmyle. - 1 jar of peas - 1 tablespoon olive oil - 1 teaspoon vegeta - Salt, thyme, dill. Fry the onion on the method described in the posts Sweet cheese paste with greens. Perennial flower seeds. Contact us at tel .: 0733.624.566 / 0735.956.447. PEPPERS FAT PEPPERS PUMPKINS RADISH RUBBER RUBBERS SPINACH STRAWBERRIES SWEET MAIZE TOMATILLO TOMATOES DETERMINED A plant with a lifespan of 20-30 years 14.00 Ron Add.

Andreea Berecleanu (45 years old) celebrated on Sunday, September 20, her daughter, Eva, whom she has from her marriage to Andrei Zaharescu (60 years old). They have another son, named Peter (13 years old). The star from Observator posted on social media an extremely beautiful and emotional message. Happy birthday, my little girl Pictures of flowers. 2,217 likes · 8 talking about this. Compan A sugar-free dessert, with raw ingredients, with a sensational taste, in which sweet and slightly sour aromas intertwine. INGREDIENTS: - 100 g raw almonds - 150 g golden raisins - a tablespoon of cinnamon powder - 5 tablespoons grapefruit juice - pomegranate seeds. PREPARATION: Leave the almonds to hydrate for about an hour

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Sweet garden pea variety, extra-early, with a vegetation period of 50-60 days. Display 1 items from 1 item (s) April Faceboo Page - Sweet Pea Flower. It may sound strange and you don't expect it, but sweet pea flowers are some of the most fragrant and delicate flowers. It is said that if the sweet pea seedling comes out before St. Peter's Day, the sweet pea harvest is much richer and tastier than in other cases. The warning of a mother who found pictures of her baby on a pedophile site. A woman from the United States is in a state of shock after discovering pictures of her child on a pedophile site. Fat mother, the nickname Deea Maxer received after taking pictures of her on the beach. What did the star answer We need: 1 pack of couscous Arnos couscous 100 g boiled peas 1 boiled egg 150 g cheese (or cheese) a small onion hardened salt turmeric pepper (optional) Preparation: Prepare the couscous according to the instructions on the package, to which we add a turmeric powder. When the couscous is ready, we add boiled peas, cheese, onions. offers you the possibility to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices

Tuna with corn and mayonnaise - Everything you need to know about the recipe. This recipe can be adapted to your preferences. Thus, you can add diced bell peppers, boiled peas, red beans, finely chopped dill or whatever ingredients you like. White onions can be successfully replaced with green onions. Cover all ingredients with water, season with a little salt and pepper. Put a lid and let it drop to the right heat. When the vegetables are well done, add the peas (if it is frozen, add it faster, mine being in the box, it was boiled and I put it towards the end), the paprika (if the juice has dropped too much, add more. By freezing Edenia products keep their properties naturally Discover a wide range of vegetables, fish, semi-finished products, chicken, smoothie Recipes with pictures Recipe of the day: Tortilla with tuna, avocado and tomatoes 3 JUNE 2015 Tortilla with tuna, avocado and tomatoes : olive oil, lemon juice, chili powder, cumin, sea salt, hot peppers, garlic, coriander, tuna, tortilla, avocado, cabbage, tomato salad.You may also be interested in: Tortilla with fish sauce

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Also from the gingerbread I prepared a gingerbread for Alexandra's classmates from school. Find the recipe in step-by-step pictures here: For 8 minutes we have prepared some gift baskets with gingerbread flowers for special people in our Pea with pork. 1 pork tenderloin (approx. 400-500 gr) 800 gr peas (frozen or fresh) 50 ml mashed potatoes (or thick broth) 1 medium onion 2 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon pepper paste 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1 bay leaf 3 dill threads 2 tablespoons salt oil, black pepper. Portions: Garden with bulbs. flower bulbs. Bulbs spring-summer bulbs Autumn bulbs tulips best sell Peppers long sweet capia. Rated 0 out of 5. 12 lei 6 lei-Quantity Peppers long sweet capia + Add to cart Quantity garden peas kelvedon wonder Dahlias full of personality, playful wax flower, but also roses velvety with a sensational purple, all these flowers embrace and creates a very beautiful autumn bouquet

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For a long time we forgot the game. It's night, the bed is made But who to sleep When the mother speaks of Jesus With her rare and sweet voice. How did the Shepherds from the sheepfold come to the manger? And the angels in heaven sang With apple blossoms in their hands. has impressive and tender green leaves. Our online store is a lush oasis that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, from any platform

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It grows up to 2-3 meters in height and is attached to supports or fences with the help of cages. Prefers less sunny, semi-shady places. Its flowers are smoky colored and we enjoy from June to autumn. To obtain them, we can sow, in pots or seedlings, peas similar to peas 4 onions 2 carrots 1 tablespoon garlic broth a pepper (of which you want) 500g liver 10 potatoes suitable 400g peas a bunch of patr .. Serving paprika from boneless pulp chicken with flour and cream dumplings. I chopped green parsley and sprinkled it over the pan with chicken paprika with cream and dumplings. I also put a little cream in some places. The meat is very tender and juicy so it can be eaten without a knife

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Contents0.1 display1 The incredible bridal hairstyle with flowers that radiates sensitivity and love! 2 Beautiful bridal hairstyle with flowers: simple and at the same time very effective! 2.1 Bright colors create warm feelings2.2 Wreath of sweet flowers, as an accent on dark hair2 .3 This bride looks like an angel! poster There are such women in the world who do not [With Lent we have the opportunity to get closer to simple, traditional food, cooked with basic ingredients and rediscover vegetables in their natural state.With Lent we should offer ourselves a period to purify the body of all fats, E's, chemical additives and many other unhealthy foods from the daily diet that we consciously consume. . The latter 2 my proud wanted and bought them. The larch and I have something to put in the borscht. It came out of last year's roots and it's very beautiful, I put it in 2 bigger pots. I can't wait for a sour borscht after Easter and to put a lot of fresh larch. The octopus chicks are crispy compared to the adult octopus, much more fragile and juicy. In this variant we will use frozen ones, but if you find them fresh it is even better. The only advantage for the frozen ones is that they are ready to be cleaned. For octopus chickens with peas and potatoes, we need: 1kg octopus chicken 4-5 potatoes 1 kg peas

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We deliver flowers for free in Bucharest and in over 140 cities in Romania, in maximum 2 hours! Floria sends to the clients by e-mail the real picture of the delivered flower bouquet. We rely on quality, that's why we choose resistant flowers, imported from the biggest producers in the world and we are constantly improving the services offered by Hibana Colibri. The hummingbird feeds on sweet nectar collected from certain flowers. Like the bee, it is able to evaluate the amount of sugar in the nectar, rejecting the types of flowers with a sugar percentage of less than 10%, preferring flowers with a higher sugar content.

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We need: acacia flowers lemon peel flour chickpea flour 1/2 lg brown sugar sparkling wine or sparkling water Mix everything, except the flowers, until you get a pancake-like dough but more consistent. Pass the flowers through the dough. And fry in butter or hot oil. Drain the fat on a paper towel and then powder with. Let the road of your life be sprinkled with flowers: with snowdrops to keep your soul young and clean, with roses to be eternally loved and with daisies to always remember to smile. Happy birthday to Florii! Beautiful flowers to rise in your way, long days and I wish you happiness from me. Happy birthday on the name day Here you will find three types of accommodation: accommodation only (350 lei per person), accommodation with breakfast (400 lei) and accommodation with breakfast and dinner included (500 lei). The pension has a room with a double bed and a bunk bed, a double room and two rooms for three people

Traditional Easter dishes or special Easter recipes, without lamb, you can find them below in various variants and certainly for all tastes. Many can't imagine the Easter table without the traditional Easter recipes, but know that things are changing. Dozens of models and images of personalized cakes for any type of anniversary. Personalized cakes for him or her or companies Flower bulbs planted in autumn: tulip bulbs, Narcissus bulbs, Hyacinth bulbs, Crocus bulbs, Frittilaria bulbs (imperial tulip), Muscari bulbs, Allium bulbs. These bulbs are available in the fall. Deliveries start after September 1, 2020, in the order of receipt of orders. The optimal planting period for autumn bulbs: September - December (January 15) We can also use fresh or frozen peas but first we have to boil it. Add a cup of water, tomato sauce and smoked ribs. Let it boil for about 15-20 minutes on medium heat. Season with salt and pepper and serve. It is a very fast food for a summer day when you don't feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. The lupines are splendid. FLORA which I want in pots and in the garden all year round. I love avalanches of colors and the height it provides to the layers with FLORA. No other flower has so many leaves of decorative and FLORA both of beautiful and fragrant. If I succeed in battle with snails my new garden will be full of lupins. Promit Feb 6, 2018 - Are you looking for pictures? With flowers? Artistic? With landscapes? You can find them all here!


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