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Make Your Sweetheart Swoon: Our Best Valentine's Day Desserts

Make Your Sweetheart Swoon: Our Best Valentine's Day Desserts

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Happy Valentine's Day!

No matter what you're doing tonight—staying at home with the kids, planning a romantic dinner for a special someone, celebrating with friends—we've got a delicious dessert for the occasion.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Short on time? Try our Limoncello Freeze. Ready in 10 minutes, this citrusy, icy dessert is both quick and impressive. Creamy and fruity, this tasty dessert makes the perfect palate-cleansing end to a rich dinner.

Want to make ahead? Whip up a batch of Classic Fudge-Walnut Brownies. This ultra-decadent recipe is made extra rich from chocolate chunks and melted chocolate. If you're making these for kids, pump up the fun with a heart-shaped cookie cutter instead of slicing into squares.

Just two of you? Then these Individual Chocolate Soufflés are sure to impress! These warm, airy desserts cure that chocolate craving without being too heavy or rich. Perfectly portioned, they bake up in just 20 minutes.

Feeling romantic? Our Chocolate-Frangelico Fondue is deliciously indulgent. Serve with angel food cake or fruit. After all, there's nothing like ending a candlelit meal with chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Tell us! What are you cooking up for Valentine's Day?

10 best Valentine's Day dessert recipes 2019

Desserts always taste a little sweeter when they're made with love.

Booking a last-minute dinner reservation on Valentine's Day can feel like a full-time job. But after a short trip to the grocery store, you'll be armed with the ingredients for a beautiful DIY date night — which is truly the labor of love. If Ina Garten's romantic advice has taught us anything (like how to keep a 50-year marriage feeling like a first date), it's that cooking for someone is one of the best ways to spark a little romance and make a partner feel loved.

Even if you do dine out, what could be more romantic than coming back to enjoy a homemade treat?

Joanna Gaines' Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries and whipped cream is one of the most classic food combinations known to spark a little romance. These shortcakes from Joanna Gaines have only five ingredients (many of which you probably already have in your pantry), but they are totally decadent and delicious.

Warm Chocolate Pudding Cakes

There's something extra special about a personal, individually sized dessert — especially when it's a molten chocolate cake served warm out of the oven. These cakes are enhanced by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if desired.

Easy Velveeta Cheese Fudge

This fudge recipe is incredibly simple, because it has only four ingredients . and one of them is Velveeta cheese! Don't worry, the creamy fudge doesn't taste savory. And you can use peanut butter or cocoa powder (or a mix of both) to customize the whimsical Valentine's Day dessert.

Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake with Ganache

This is not your typical chocolate dessert. Deep and decadent, this delicious confection is incredibly moist. The warm ganache really puts it over the top and will send any lovebirds into a chocolate-induced oblivion.

Jean-Georges' Molten Chocolate Cake

These cakes are truly a treat for the senses: the rich chocolaty scent, the decadent taste and, of course, the satisfying surprise of seeing the river of warm chocolate pour out when you cut into them.

Mini Conversation Heart Cakes

Design these sweet hearts for your sweetheart. These cakes are so much fun to bake, decorate and customize. Make messages funny, sexy or serious (like a proposal, perhaps?), and the person eating them will surely swoon.

Curtis Stone's Chocolate-Coconut Lamington Cakes

These rich chocolate cakes are perfect for eating in just one bite. And since they're so small, you can keep dessert conservative and enjoy just one, or indulge and eat as many as you like.

Ree Drummond's Instant Pot Chocolate Lava Cakes

Anyone with an Instant Pot can make Ree Drummond's special lava cakes. The dish takes only 5 minutes to prep, which is great for anyone executing their dinner menu after work. From there, it only 25 minutes to cook.

Hidden Surprise Valentine's Cookies

These cookies feel like a fun craft project to bake, and not only are they festive, they also contain a secret surprise inside.

Irresistible Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

If your sweetie likes more complex flavors, don't worry. This exciting dessert tart is filled with salted caramel and lavender-infused ganache, and topped with a toasted marshmallow topping.

Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed

Seriously, I don’t think it needs to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy these beautiful Berry Fritters from Sally’s Baking Addiction, but it’s a great excuse to induldge. “This sweet summery fried fritter combines a soft yeasted dough, blueberries, and a creamy strawberry glaze made from real strawberries.” Yes please!

David Lebovitz is a trained pastry chef and author that’s created a multitude of drool-worthy recipes. This is an easy recipe with options to change it up if you don’t have access to Panettone (Amazon delivers). Also while you’re visiting David be sure to check out his book My Paris Kitchen, it’s one of my favorites! No I’m not an affiliate just a longtime believer, there’s a link on his site to his collection of cookbooks.

Our Very Own Almond Raspberry Stuffed Croissants are a fun breaky in bed for your sweetheart. Plus, they’re ridiculously easy to prepare but look like you’ve spent hours creating an authentic French pastry.

And if it’s savory you crave then you’ll definitely want to check out Gimme Some Oven’s Turkish Egg Scramble! “This traditional Turkish egg scramble is quick and easy to make with a few basic ingredients, and extra-delicious when served up with some good crusty bread.” Divine and there are recipe variations too.

Back to sweets, it’s Valentine’s Day after all. I love that these scrumptious Cinnamon Rolls pack in loads of fresh in season apples! Homemade from scratch cinnamon rolls, count us in!

45 Valentine's Day Desserts for Your Sweetie

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea? Nothing spells l-o-v-e like a scratch-made dessert.

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Simply Sweet Strawberry Milk

Warm your Valentine's heart and soul with this hot strawberry milk. Top with whipped cream and conversation hearts, and serve to your honey for a love-filled dessert drink.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cookie Truffles

You're probably familiar with classic chocolate truffles. But these beauties mix chocolate sandwich cookies, cream cheese and fresh strawberries for a treat that's seriously irresistible. Plus, you can use a heart cookie cutter and hot-pink sprinkles to make them even more delightful.

Raspberry Chocolate Cookie Shots

These chocolate cookie shot glasses make such a fun treat for kids and adults alike. You can fill them with candy, milk &mdash most anything &mdash but you can&rsquot go wrong with our raspberry mousse filling.

Pink Champagne Truffles

Toast to love and another year of happiness with these bite-sized truffles that pair perfectly with a chute of champagne.

Cupid's Arrow Hot Chocolate

Kids and adults alike will love this fun twist on a classic winter treat. Dress up hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows and a paper straw "arrow" for the finishing touch.

Conversation Heart Cookies

This year, swap those traditional candy conversation hearts for something homemade and customized. Make vanilla sandwich cookies and use a custom stamp-setting kit and food-safe decorating pen to create personalized and scrumptious messages right on top.

Tic-Tac-Toe Brownies

For an easy, yet completely lovable snack, create tic-tac-toe brownies by simply icing a few lines and adding conversation heart candies. This snack not only acts as a delectable treat but doubles as a mini board game.

Chocolate Brownie Pudding

This super chocolatey treat is sure to satisfy your sweetie's sweetest tooth. Is it a brownie? Is it pudding? We're not sure. All we know is that it's sinfully delicious.

Heritage Red Velvet Cake

You don't need any special supplies to make this sweet, heart-shaped cake. Just create a hand-drawn template and cut out the heart with a knife. If you can resist eating the cake scraps, crumble them and coat the cake for a soft, crumb layering.

Pie Crust Designs

Spell out "love" on your significant other's favorite pie, then hand-deliver for a true reaction.

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Nothing goes together quite like chocolate and strawberries, but here's a combination you probably haven't seen. Chocolate shortcakes give this traditional dessert an unexpected twist.

Perfect Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Say those three magic words with a batch of homemade frosted sugar cookies. HGTV Crafternoon's Marianne Canada shares how to decorate them for Valentine's Day in three different ways below.

White-Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies

Surprise your valentine with a special delivery in the form of white-chocolate-dipped fortune cookies packaged in a personalized takeout box.

Mouthwatering Valentine&rsquos Day Recipes To Crave For:

Marry Me Chicken:

The name is the very first thing that we just love. This creamy chicken recipe is the perfect valentine&rsquos treat you can gift your partner. The sun-dried tomatoes add a tangy twist to the dish where as the combination of spices give the recipe a rich flavor. It is on the healthier side of the dishes as this recipe uses olive oil. Serve hot on the table and enjoy the creamy delicacy together.

Simple Sirloin Steak:

This easy steak recipe gets ready in just a few minutes and it is also very easy to prepare. The gluten free recipe is high on protein and will keep you going for the day. The garlic and herb laden steaks cooked in sunflower oil and butter will make your mouth water like anything. Dress up in a pretty red dress and enjoy this one of the best Valentine&rsquos Day recipes with whiskey or wine .

Sweetheart Salad:

A perfect affair to share with your sweetheart. Sweetheart salads are nothing but the colorful slices cut into the shape of hearts. Remember that sugary heart candies from your childhood? It is just the same but it is far healthier than those candies. Use small cookie cutter to get the exact shape from the kiwis, pineapples, and strawberries. You may dress your salad with Greek yogurt and herbs if you like it that way. Engage into Valentine&rsquos intimacy with the sweetheart fruits.


Proscuitto Melon Bruschetta:

This is one of the best valentine&rsquos day recipes you will ever come across. Bruschettas are our favorite finger foods. This recipe is sweet, simple, and savory just like your partner. This specific bruschetta recipe is an exception of the classic tomato salad, herb, and balsamic vinegar topped ones. It has the perfect combo of melon and prosciutto instead. Prepare some grilled bruschettas and make your Valentine&rsquos Day a memorable one.

Amarula & Eve:

What about a sexy vodka martini? Amarula & Eve will set the right mood for your Valentine&rsquos Day intimacy. It is a blend of perfect amount of creaminess and fruity flavor. The Amarula cream liquor will balance the sweetness of lychee. You can even use a dash of red grapefruit juice in the recipe. Garnish the glass with some lychee fruit and your glass full of exotic romance is ready.

Paprika And Thyme Steaks With sautéed Potatoes:

We love steaks and these beef sirloin steaks taste absolutely different from the other steak recipe given in the list above. It has a perfect twist of paprika, thyme, and black pepper. The crispy sautéed potatoes and cooked spinach accompany the dish so well and it can be considered as one of the most healthy Valentine&rsquos Day recipes too. Easy to prepare and one of the most delicious dinner dishes for two of you.


Chocolate Raspberry Crescent Ring:

The morning shows the day. If two of you start the day on a sugary sweet note with this chocolaty-raspberry luxury, your V-Day is gonna be the sweetest anyway. The recipe includes some crescent rolls, chocolate chips, frozen raspberries and is equally stunning as a breakfast or brunch dish for any other day. Embrace the V-Day charm with this sweet sin.

Rotisserie Chicken Ramen:

Not a big fan of sweet stuff? This Chicken Ramen recipe will suit you the best. Gets prepared in short time, is very much filling and has everything from chicken to noodles to eggs to mushrooms. The chicken and beef broth increase the flavor factor of the recipe whereas scallions and chilli garlic sauce add the colorfulness to the healthy and tasty lunch recipe.


You might have planned for delightful gifts which you would surprise your sweetheart with on the love day. But a hand-made dish can make a big difference. If you are a girl, then impress your man with some off-beat Valentine&rsquos Day recipes or if you are a guy who has made it to the last, we definitely suggest you to try one of the above recipes for your lady love. Prepare it, serve it on the table, surprise your bae and wait for a fat, plump kiss on your cheek.

Wow. croissants, Nutella, cream cheese, and strawberries? Yeah, this strawberry Nutella cream cheese croissant French toast has got it goin' on. It has everything you could ever want in a french toast. It is super easy to make and can be done as an overnight bake. Simply bake for an hour in the morning for decadent breakfast in bed.

5 Date Night Dinners to Make with Your Sweetie This Valentine’s Day

Because the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, right?

I’ve had some pretty interesting Valentine’s Day dinners: There was the one year I watched a woman turn down a marriage proposal in a restaurant full of patrons — definitely not what the guy had in mind.

Another time my childhood crush and I got stuck on the New York City subway for two miserable hours, missing our reservation at one of our favorite cafes.

And last year I spent Valentine's Day in Penn Station’s Shake Shack, so you can make of that what you will…

By far though, the best Valentine’s Day dinner I’ve ever had didn’t take place in a swanky restaurant or uptown bar, but rather, my very own kitchen. And from now on, it's where I plan to spend every February 14.

If you haven’t booked a reservation yet, or simply want to avoid eateries altogether, having an at-home date night with your partner is a fun and romantic alternative. Just grab a bottle of wine, turn on some sappy music and whip up one, or all, of these delicious plates. Because roses and chocolates are great, but carbs and lava cakes are so much better.

Valentine’s Day was made for chocolate and these decadent cakes from Giada De Laurentiis are bursting with melted chocolatey goodness. When plating, top each warmed cake with a teaspoon of Frangelico and fresh berries for a bold end to the night.


Food Network Kitchen’s Valentine's Pizza for Two for NEW FNK, as seen on Food Network.

Chocolate and romance are synonymous. That's why Valentine's Day is only rivaled by Easter in terms of chocolate sales. But better than any box of store-bought bonbons is a homemade dessert or treat to share. Whether you enjoy it with your partner, the family, or a group of friends is up to you, but we're offering a stellar selection of cacao recipes just right for the holiday of love. There are classic heart-shaped cookies and decadent raspberry-filled whoopee pies (of course, we have more heart-shaped ways to express your affection if your significant other isn't a chocolate lover), as well as cupcakes that aren't just cute&mdashthey're sophisticated and heartfelt, too.

If individual treats aren't what your heart desires, consider making a dessert that's meant to be shared, like the Triple Chocolate Espresso Mousse Pie that's pictured here. Another option is to make a one plate, two spoons dessert, like a chocolate-covered ice-cream bombe. We also have a dense and fudgy deep, dark flourless chocolate cake as well as smooth and creamy chocolate mousse. If your loved one likes a little crunch with their chocolate, there are crisp pastry tarts with melting chocolate fillings and our unique heart-shaped chocolate couscous bar. If a decadent nip of chocolate is how you'd like to end the meal, handmade truffles, chocolate-peanut butter cups, or chocolate-peppermint creams are just the thing for you. Package them in a special stenciled box or present them on a gilded platter&mdasheither way, your Valentine is sure to swoon over these heartfelt creations.

There's no doubt about it: The best, most most delicious way to end a romantic dinner is with a homemade chocolate dessert or treat.

Swoon Worthy Valentine’s Day Desserts in HTX

The only thing better than your Valentine’s Day sweetheart is Valentine’s Day desserts! We have curated a list of Houston’s most mouthwatering desserts to make this year’s celebration one to remember.

Photo Courtesy of: D. Ortiz


The Houstonian Hotel‘s Heart to Heart Valentine’s Day package will set the mood for a perfect romantic getaway. The package includes a dozen red roses, wine, deluxe accommodations, and credit for a scrumptious meal from TRIBUTE, the hotel’s restaurant.

Pastry Chef Catherine Rodriguez is set to wow Valentine’s Day guests with her S’mores for Two Dessert. This interactive dessert will be served so that guests can customize their s’mores experience. S’mores for Two is created with made-from-scratch heart-shaped graham crackers and heart-shaped marshmallows, Valrhona passion ganache, strawberry ganache, hazelnut praline, as well as milk and dark chocolate hearts. Scratch-made marshmallows and graham crackers? Definitely worth the reservation!

Killen’s TMX

Ronnie Killen’s eagerly anticipated restaurant Killen’s TMX opened in January and judging by the rave reviews, Valentine’s Day will be the perfect time to try it out. If Killen is known for anything it is flavor, so it is no surprise that in addition to the authentic Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican flavors on the menu, Pastry Chef Samantha Mendoza has upped the ante on desserts, as well.

Churros con Chocolate is the perfect way to round out your Valentine’s Day meal at Killen’s TMX. Fried to perfection, the light and fluffy churros are rolled in cinnamon sugar and served not only with house-made dulce de leche ice cream, but also a bowl of cinnamon-laced chocolate sauce. Yes, you and your sweetheart can dip, dunk, or drizzle to your heart’s content.

Photo Courtesy of: State of Grace

State of Grace

Love is in the air and the kitchen at the ever popular State of Grace. Executive Chef Bobby Matos, best known for his upscale comfort food, has worked his magic once again with mouthwatering desserts to delight your Valentine.

Everyone has an opinion and a favorite when it comes to tres leches, especially in Texas. The popular dessert can be found at many restaurants, but none will equal the scrumptious plate of absolute goodness that State of Grace will serve this Valentine’s Day. Their tres leches is made with moist, light cake topped with airy Chantilly cream, served alongside mixed berry compote, and drizzled with white chocolate pearls. One bite and you will never consider another tres leches again.

Photo Courtesy of: JoyBox Flowers and CRAVE Cupcake

CRAVE Cupcakes

Two of Houston’s most Instagrammable businesses have joined up to make Valentine’s Day treats a little sweeter. CRAVE Cupcakes and JoyBox Fine Flowers have created a special gift box filled with four cupcakes, two classic red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and two chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting. Each will have beautiful piped rosette frosting along with a Petite JoyBox filled with fresh flowers.

Photo Courtesy of: JoyBox Flowers and CRAVE Cupcake

These sweet dessert treats will make their debut on February 11 for delivery or pickup at any of CRAVE’s three locations. If your sweetie is not a cupcake fan, both CRAVE and JoyBox have other Valentine’s Day themed treats available. Make your sweetheart and your Instagram followers happy!

Ristorante Cavour

Romantic Italian ambiance makes Ristorante Cavour an obvious choice for a Valentine’s Day meal. The restaurant inside Hotel Granduca is as close to Italy as you will get without boarding a plane. Executive Chef Maurizio Ferrarese was born and raised in Italy and his attention to authentic flavors makes every bite of food delectable.

Valentine’s Day guests are in for a treat when they order tiramisu, because not only is it delicious, but it is made tableside. Scratch-made lady fingers are coated with freshly pulled Italian espresso followed by sweet mascarpone cream. The cream is delicately piped on and the whole process begins again, before it is lightly covered in cocoa powder and served. This dessert experience is as much about theater as it is about taste.

Photo Courtesy of: Le Colonial

Le Colonial

Le Colonial always delivers a meal to remember, and their Valentine’s Day menu is no exception. Although you might be tempted to fill up on the first two courses, make sure to leave room for dessert. Executive Chef Hassan Obaye’s lineup of four flavorful desserts will end your meal on a high note.

The Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse Duet, like everything else on the dessert menu, is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste, but the Coconut & Passion Fruit should not be missed. The light and lovely coconut mousse is served in a bowl made of chocolate and topped with sweet coconut shavings. Alongside is passion fruit curd and warm persimmons compote. Chef Obaye nailed the texture, taste and presentation on this one.

Photos Courtesy of: Relish Restaurant & Bar

Relish Restaurant & Bar

Cookies make everything better including Valentine’s Day and Relish Restaurant & Bar, located in River Oaks/Upper Kirby area has got you covered for the sweet treats. The cozy neighborhood eatery will have heart-shaped, decorated sugar cookies as well as sugar cookie conversation hearts available for purchase. Let your sweetheart know how much you care for them in the language of love or even better in the language of conversation heart sugar cookies.

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